Through six seasons now, Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story' has provided some of the most intriguing, spooky and downright strange tales the small screen has ever seen, and with US network FX ordering more seasons with every opportunity they're given, the series shows no sign of slowing down.

Lady Gaga as The Countess in 'American Horror Story: Hotel'Lady Gaga as The Countess in 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Each year, the theme, story and characters change in 'American Horror Story', making the series an anthology one, much like HBO's 'True Detective' and another hugely successful FX series, 'Fargo'. Lady Gaga even joined the cast of fifth season 'Hotel' in a leading role as The Countess, which earned her a Golden Globe for her efforts.

Despite the changes with each season, much of the cast remain the same, with the likes of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters among the talent that come back each year to take on a new role. It's a novel way to freshen up proceedings, and one that seems to be working very well.

Matt Bomer in 'American Horror Story: Hotel'Matt Bomer in 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Now it's been revealed that Billy Eichner ('Bob's Burgers', 'The Angry Birds Movie') will be joining the cast of season 7 in an undisclosed role, making his franchise debut and joining many of the veterans who have already been confirmed to appear.

Minor details surrounding Eichner's role have been detailed by Deadline, who say that he'll play a "close confidante" to Paulson's unannounced character, who wears "mysterious tank tops" in "six or seven" of the season's episodes. Not the most revealing of descriptions, but at least we know we'll see more of him than we have done with other new stars to the series in the past.

Not much is known about what viewers should expect from 'AHS' season 7, other than that it will take place in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, which saw Donald Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States. Filming for the batch of new episodes begins in May.

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'American Horror Story' season 7 is expected to hit screens in the US and UK at some point in October, 2017.