Ryan Murphy's brilliant anthology series 'American Horror Story' continues this year with its eighth season, and it's now been confirmed that one particular star will be making their comeback. We already knew that veteran 'AHS' stars Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates would be starring, alongside new cast member Joan Collins, but now it's been confirmed one new face from season 7 - subtitled 'Cult' - will definitely be back.

Billie Lourd is to make an 'American Horror Story' comebackBillie Lourd is to make an 'American Horror Story' comeback

Billie Lourd is that person (according to Deadline), but no details have yet been given on the role she'll be stepping into this time round. With shooting on the new batch of episodes set to take place from mid-June however, we should be getting more details sooner rather than later.

Though she only made her 'AHS' debut in last year's season, Lourd had previously worked with Murphy on his horror-comedy anthology series 'Scream Queens'. Unfortunately, that show failed to gain as much traction as 'AHS', and has been shelved for the foreseeable future.

One thing fans of 'AHS' love is trying to work out the theme of each season, and the frontrunner this year seems to be 'Biohazard'. Nothing has yet been confirmed, but Murphy did say that it'll be set 18 months into the future. He added at a FYC event: "It's not necessarily as real and grounded as the past season. We're sort of getting back to 'Asylum', and 'Coven'. That's the tone of it."

Lourd was definitely one of the best parts of 'Cult', so it's going to be interesting to see her come back for a second 'AHS' season. Hopefully, she'll be given a truly unique role to tackle, far and away from her last one, allowing her the chance to really show off her acting chops.

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'American Horror Story' season 8 is expected to come to FX in the US and FOX in the UK later this year.