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Anderson Makes Budget Cuts

23rd October 2007

Director WES ANDERSON has slammed the huge budget on his last film THE LIFE AQUATIC - because the money took its toll on the movie's stars, including BILL MURRAY. The budget of $50 million (GBP25...

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The Things They Say 5799

8th October 2007

"He's good. I left him a message today, I told him, you know, 'Finally you're good in a movie and where the hell are you?'" BILL MURRAY misses his THE DARJEELING LIMITED co-star OWEN WILSON...

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Rushmore Stars Reunite For New Film

28th September 2007

RUSHMORE stars BILL MURRAY and JASON SCHWARTZMAN are to reunite with the film's director WES ANDERSON for a new movie. The pair worked together on the cult 1998 movie, and will team up again with...

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Murray Laughs Off Drunken Golf Cart Arrest

4th September 2007

LATEST: BILL MURRAY has broken his silence over his alleged drink driving arrest in Sweden last month (19Aug07), insisting he was only "dropping people off" home following a golf tournament. Murray was stopped by police...

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Panettiere's Embarrassing First Encounter With Murray

3rd September 2007

HEROES star HAYDEN PANETTIERE mistook Hollywood actor BILL MURRAY for one of her dad's co-workers when they first met. Panettiere admits she recognised the Groundhog Day star's face when they met 11 years ago, but...

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Bill Murray Arrested For Drunk Driving In A Golf Cart

22nd August 2007

Hollywood star BILL MURRAY has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in a golf cart in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The actor was stopped by police in the early hours of Sunday (19Aug07) and...

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Murray's Sister Takes Nun Show On Tour

10th August 2007

BILL MURRAY's sister is using her acting genes to spread new research about the life of an Italian saint. Nancy Murray, a Roman Catholic nun, has taken her one-woman show about the life of St...

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Johansson Confirms Record

6th November 2006

LATEST: SCARLETT JOHANSSON has confirmed reports she's filling in time between movie shoots by recording an album. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star, who showed off her vocals in the film alongside BILL MURRAY in a...

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Murray Crashes Student Party

15th October 2006

Actor BILL MURRAY crashed a student house party in Scotland - but helped with the clearing up afterwards. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star accepted an invitation to the party after meeting Norwegian student LYKKE STAVNEF...

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Murray's Retirement: Jay-z Style

17th August 2006

Deadpan actor BILL MURRAY sees himself as the Hollywood equivalent of superstar rapper JAY-Z, because he keeps coming out of retirement to work on new projects. The GROUNDHOG DAY star has described himself as "retired"...

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Fascinating Fact 1885

3rd August 2006

Movie funnyman BILL MURRAY has commissioned the stars of US reality show AMERICAN CHOPPER to customise a new motorbike for him with his beloved CADDYSHACK character CARL SPACKLER in mind. The new chopper will debut...

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Ghostbusters 3 In The Making

18th May 2006

Actor DAN AYKROYD has penned the script for a third GHOSTBUSTERS movie and will reprise his lead role alongside original co-star RICK MORANIS. GHOSTBUSTERS IN HELL will see BEN STILLER fill in for BILL MURRAY,...

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Chancellor: 'Murray Is Ignoring Me'

19th April 2006

British actress ANNA CHANCELLOR is disappointed in BILL MURRAY, who refuses to keep in touch despite befriending her on the set of 1997 movie THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE. The FOUR WEDDINGS AND A...

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Richards And Campbell Re-team For Wild Things

15th February 2006

DENISE RICHARDS and NEVE CAMPBELL are set to re-team for the another steamy installment of hit film WILD THINGS. The 1998 thriller also starred MATT DILLON, KEVIN BACON and BILL MURRAY. Producers are...

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Thompson Memorial Service Film To Be Screened At Festival

8th November 2005

An hour long film covering the memorial of cult author HUNTER S THOMPSON is to be screened at the Starz Denver International Film Festival in Colorado on Saturday (12NOV05). WHEN I DIE is directed...

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Jarmusch Backs Mature Actresses

27th October 2005

Director JIM JARMUSCH used new movie BROKEN FLOWERS to combat the Hollywood ageism which many leading female stars have spoken out against. The GHOST DOG: WAY OF THE SAMURAI film-maker was determined to cast...

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Wallace And Gromit Don't Budge In UK Box Office

26th October 2005

The animated adventures of WALLACE AND GROMIT has out-classed competition from both EMMA THOMPSON's NANNY McPHEE and TIM BURTON's CORPSE BRIDE to cling on to top position at the UK box office....

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Murray Feared Premiere Mauling

24th October 2005

Celebrated actor BILL MURRAY was so terrified the audience at the premiere of new movie BROKEN FLOWERS would hate the independent film, he spent the entire screening in a state of panic. The LOST...

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Murray Refused To Applaud Penn

24th October 2005

Comic legend BILL MURRAY broke Hollywood convention and refused to applaud SEAN PENN when he beat him to the Best Actor statuette at last year's Oscars (04) - because he hates fake award ceremonies....

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Swinton Experiments By 'Aerial Bombing' Movie Sets

21st October 2005

British actress TILDA SWINTON feels like an aerial bomber on movie sets - because she is there so briefly before being flown out to another project. THE BEACH star admits her acting schedule has...

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Fiery Murray Gives Cold Shoulder To Crew Member

8th October 2005

BILL MURRAY chastised a crew member on the set of movie BROKEN FLOWERS, when the technician asked him to extinguish a fire that was keeping a group of young actors warm. Outspoken Murray was...

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Murray Slams Oscars

7th October 2005

BILL MURRAY has slammed Academy Award voters for failing to acknowledge comedy as acting and overlooking funny films for Oscars. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star is sick of tragic films winning awards, insisting making...

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Murray Attributes His Career To Belushi

7th October 2005

BILL MURRAY has paid tribute to the late comedian JOHN BELUSHI for trailblazing a path into Hollywood, paving the way for the LOST IN TRANSLATION star and his contemporaries. Recent movies RUSHMORE and LOST...

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Murray Fed Up With Being Hounded By 'Savage Jerks'

7th October 2005

Hollywood actor BILL MURRAY hates being famous because it exposes him to more "jerks" than the average person gets to meet. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star deliberately keeps himself out of the public eye...

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Murray Respects Jarmusch

5th October 2005

BILL MURRAY unusually jumped at the chance to star in JIM JARMUSCH''s new film BROKEN FLOWERS, despite his reputation for playing hard-to-get. Although GHOSTBUSTERS actor Murray surprised Jarmusch by his faster-than-normal acceptance, Jarmusch admits...

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Bill Murray's Knife Attack On Chatting Crew Member

24th August 2005

Funnyman BILL MURRAY was so annoyed when a chatty crew member kept interrupting a crucial scene in his new film BROKEN FLOWERS, he threatened him with a knife. Murray's co-star PELL JAMES recalls the...

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Hunter S Thompson Remembered In Explosive Memorial0

21st August 2005

The ashes of HUNTER S THOMPSON were blasted into the sky from a cannon in the late American journalist's Colorado estate on Saturday night (20AUG05), exactly six months after his suicide. The FEAR AND...

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Murray To Return As Voice Of Garfield

15th August 2005

LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY is in negotiations to reprise his role as the voice of GARFIELD in a sequel to the animated 2004 hit. BRECKIN MEYER and JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT will also...

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Swinton Reveals Female Crush

11th August 2005

YOUNG ADAM star TILDA SWINTON's first crush was a female prefect at her school. The 44-year-old actress admits that while she's grown up to be a heterosexual woman, the first person she ever found...

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Stars Showcased During Their Younger Years

8th August 2005

PAMELA ANDERSON, SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and BILL MURRAY are among a list of stars set to be showcased in a book reminiscing on their days as 22-year-olds. WHERE THEY WERE AT 22, will...

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