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Fascinating Fact 9575

30th June 2010

Movie star BILL MURRAY's son Luke is a top chef at New York's Roebling Tea Room.

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Fascinating Fact 9564

28th June 2010

Hollywood actor BILL MURRAY entertained attendees at pal ERIC CLAPTON's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday (26Jun10) when he took to the stage in a full ELVIS PRESLEY costume. The star, who hosted...

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Murray Dumped Agent Over Phone Nightmare

28th June 2010

Actor BILL MURRAY fired his agent when he realised he didn't want to be associated with someone who kept bothering him.The Lost in Translation star now has no representation and acts as his own agent...

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The Things They Say 16959

16th June 2010

"He's an inquisitive guy. He wanted to learn something about the tango, so my wife and I taught him a few tango steps. He's a talented guy." ROBERT DUVALL on GET LOW co-star BILL MURRAY.

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The Things They Say 16951

16th June 2010

"I really don't like to work, so it was a drag when I read the script and it was really good... I knew I had to do it." BILL MURRAY on signing up to star...

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Fascinating Fact 9225

3rd May 2010

BILL MURRAY served up a literary treat to construction workers in New York on Monday morning (03May10) when he donned a hard hat and joined them on the site of the New Poets House to...

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Murray Considers Pre-death Funeral

1st May 2010

BILL MURRAY'S new film GET LOW has given the actor a novel idea - have his funeral while he's still alive.Co-star Robert Duvall's character does just that in the film, and that has got Murray...

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Murray Makes Cast And Crew Dance On Set With His Playlists

30th April 2010

BILL MURRAY plays DJ on the sets of all his movies in an effort to keep the energy of cast and crew on a high at all times during the shoot.The actor admits he selects...

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Murray Considering Writing Ghostbusters 3 Himself

29th April 2010

BILL MURRAY is considering writing his own second GHOSTBUSTERS sequel - just to shut everyone up.The Lost In Translation star admits he's tiring of questions about Ghostbusters 3, insisting there is no script for the...

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Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 Rumours 'Hogwash'

28th April 2010

BILL MURRAY has confused film fans by insisting there are no plans to make a GHOSTBUSTERS sequel - calling reports of a follow-up "hogwash".All four of the original Ghostbusters - Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis...

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Bill Murray Wants 'Ghostbusters 3'

28th April 2010

Bill Murray would make another 'Ghostbusters' film because he misses the cast.The 59-year-old actor - who played Dr. Peter Venkman in the 1984 and 1989 instalments of the comedy action movie - admits a reunion...

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Murray Proud Of His 'Difficult' Reputation

8th February 2010

BILL MURRAY never feels offended when he is labelled "difficult" to work with - because he sees it as a "badge of honour."The Hollywood actor famously fell out with director MCG while they were making...

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Spoiler Alert: Murray Reveals Ghostbusters Iii Plot

8th February 2010

BILL MURRAY only agreed to star in the upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS sequel if producers killed off his character in the first scene - so he could come back as a spook.The Lost In Translation star will...

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Murray Injured In Ski Accident

26th January 2010

Actor BILL MURRAY was hopping around on a crutch at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (24Jan10), after injuring himself in a ski accident.The Lost In Translation star was in so much pain from his...

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Murray To Get Passionate With Fox

15th January 2010

BILL MURRAY has stepped in to save MEGAN FOX's new movie PASSION PLAY - as a last-minute replacement for British actor TOBY KEBBELL.Fox is currently shooting the film in New Mexico, playing an angel in...

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Duvall And Murray Share Best Actor Prize

23rd November 2009

Actors ROBERT DUVALL and BILL MURRAY were both winners at the 27th Turin Film Festival Awards as they shared the Best Actor prize for their roles in GET LOW.Jurors at the event, which ran from...

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Movie Reviews Fantastic Mr. Fox

16th November 2009

The stop-motion animated Fantastic Mr. Fox , with a voice cast that includes George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe and Jason Schwartzman, received enthusiastic reviews from national critics and those in Los Angeles...

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The Things They Say 14106

10th November 2009

"It was powerful to hear him sing that song in lower New York... It was a very emotional moment and a lot of New Yorkers felt it." Comedian BILL MURRAY bows down to rapper JAY-Z...

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The Things They Say 13853

23rd October 2009

"It takes a while to understand George because he's a motormouth - he really can talk, so you've got to kind of wade through a lot of it." BILL MURRAY on his FANTASTIC MR. FOX...

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Murray Wants Mcg Dead

21st October 2009

BILL MURRAY has less than fond memories of working with moviemaker MCG on CHARLIE'S ANGELS - he thinks the director deserves to die a horrible death.The two men famously fell out on the set of...

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Movie Reviews Zombieland

2nd October 2009

Clearly Zombieland is not the kind of movie Roger Ebert can sink his teeth into. "Vampires make a certain amount of sense to me, but zombies not so much. What's their purpose?" He asks, in...

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Murray's Son Lands Basketball Coaching Job

26th August 2009

Movie star BILL MURRAY's son has been appointed graduate assistant coach for University of Arizona's basketball team.Luke Murray was an assistant coach at Post University of Connecticut last season, but now he's stepped into the...

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Fascinating Fact 7759

31st July 2009

BENICIO DEL TORO has been honoured for his big screen achievements in Havana, Cuba. The star - who played Cuban activist CHE GUEVARA in two films last year (08) - was handed the Tomas Gutierrez...

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Animated Movie To Open London Film Festival

27th July 2009

Underscoring the new-found respect cineastes have bestowed on animated features, the London Film Festival announced today (Monday) that it will open on October 14 with Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox , which features the voices...

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Mcg Headbutted By Murray

3rd June 2009

Director MCG was once headbutted by actor BILL MURRAY - in a fight which nearly broke the moviemaker's nose.MCG worked with the Ghostbusters star on 2000 film Charlie's Angels but the actor did not return...

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The Things They Say 12082

30th April 2009

"He felt so bad for her... She came out to see him go by and he drilled it 270 yards left, over the water hazard, into her backyard and knocked her down." MICHAEL J. FOX...

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Murray Hits Fan With Golfball

19th April 2009

A Florida woman who was hit by a stray golfball whacked by movie star BILL MURRAY has asked the actor for a signed copy of his CADDYSHACK DVD as payback for her injuries. Murray's hooked a...

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Police Called After Murray's Election Night 'Fight'

10th November 2008

Comedic actor BILL MURRAY's celebration of U.S. President-elect BARACK OBAMA's victory was cut short by police - after he reportedly got into a scuffle with a fellow reveller. According to reports, Murray was celebrating Obama's...

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Murray Steals Unwanted Treasures

12th October 2008

BILL MURRAY is a closet kleptomaniac - but he only steals items no one else wants. The Ghostbusters star insists he never pilfers anything of value, but he can't help but pick up forgotten items....

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