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Bill Murray, Lupita Nyong'o, Benedict Cumberbatch Get The Vanity Fair Oscars After-party Started [Pictures]

By Lauren James | 3rd March 2014

Hollywood was out in full force for one of last night's biggest and most glamorous Oscars after-parties, hosted by Vanity Fair. After the star-studded ceremony had taken place, guests flocked to the annual party and...

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Is Oscar Winner '20 Feet From Stardom' The Perfect Music Documentary?

By Michael West | 3rd March 2014

20 Feet From Stardom - Morgan Neville's stunning examination of the lives and experiences of backing singers in the music industry - was named Best Documentary at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday (March 2,...

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Bill Murray Remembers Harold Ramis During Oscars Presenting Slot

By Michael West | 3rd March 2014

Bill Murray, the American actor who lost out on the Oscar for best actor for Lost In Translation all those years ago, paid tribute to his late friend and colleague Harold Ramis while presenting the...

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'Ghostbusters Iii' Will Still Happen, Despite Death Of Harold Ramis

By Lauren James | 26th February 2014

Ghostbusters III remains on course for release despite the death of Harold Ramis, who was set to play one of the main characters. Ramis died on Monday after a long illness, prompting countless tributes from...

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Harold Ramis, A Comedy Great: But Which Was His Finest Movie?

By Stephanie Chase | 25th February 2014

Comedy actor and director Harold Ramis sadly passed away last night at age 69. Tributes have been flooding in with many of Hollywood’s biggest names wishing to pay their respects to the ‘Ghostbuster’s’ star. Remis’s...

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Bill Murray On Harold Ramis: "He Earned His Keep On This Planet"

By Lauren James | 25th February 2014

Bill Murray has led the influx of celebrity tributes to the actor and director Harold Ramis, who died aged 69 on Monday. Murray most memorably starred alongside Ramis in the 1984 supernatural comedy Ghostbusters in...

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Did Anyone At The White House Enjoy 'The Monuments Men'? Obama?

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th February 2014

Not content with glitzy premieres across the globe, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray took their World War II black comedy/drama The Monuments Men to the White House to let the most powerful people...

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'The Monuments Men' Just "Another War Film"? George Clooney Would Disagree [Trailer + Pictures]

By Lauren James | 14th February 2014

World War II movies: haven't we had our fill of them yet? Apparently not, according to George Clooney who is currently watching his new war film, The Monuments Men, open across the world after months...

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A Week In Movies: Monuments Men Hit The Road, Ysl And Gbf Tease Their Big Screen Arrivals, And New Trailers Promise More Horror This Spring

By Rich Cline | 14th February 2014

The main global cinematic event this week is the Berlin Film Festival, which showcases high-profile films like Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac and George Clooney's The Monuments Men. After their starry New York premiere last week,...

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'The Monuments Men' Promotional Tanks Roll Into London As Clooney Starts Debate

By Rich Cline | 14th February 2014

Travelling around Europe on the premiere circuit, the cast and crew of The Monuments Men hit London this week to talk about art history. The press conference was held, appropriately, in Britain's National Gallery, and...

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The Man, The Myth, The Murray Legend: The Ten Best Bill Murray Stories

By Stephanie Chase | 13th February 2014

Over the years myths and legends have grown around 'The Monument's Men' star Bill Murray. From doing dishes at a house party to serving at a tequilla only bar, Murray has become Hollywood's most mythological...

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Bill Murray Claims Shia Lebeouf's "Funny Name" Is The Reason For His Odd Behaviour

By Nick Hill | 10th February 2014

Bill Murray gets straight to the point!The 63 year-old actor was as sarcastic and hilarious as ever when attending a buyer's brunch at the 2014 International Film Festival Berlinale.Murray has two films premiering at the...

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What The Hell Happened To 'The Monuments Men'?

By Michael West | 7th February 2014

There was a period - late October, early November - when bookmakers were terrified of George Clooney's The Monuments Men, and for good reason. The heavily financed historical-drama had a superb story to work from,...

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Matt Damon And The Met Prepare For "The Monuments Men" Release

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th February 2014

The Monuments Men, the film that is predicted to keep the box office afloat during the generally slow month of February, is out in cinemas tomorrow. With an all-star cast, including Matt Damon, George Clooney,...

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George Clooney Leads All Star Cast At World Premiere Of 'The Monuments Men' [Pictures]

By Stephanie Chase | 5th February 2014

George Clooney led a star studded red carpet on Tuesday for the New York premiere of his new film ‘The Monuments Men’ The actor, who also co-wrote and directed the film, appeared alongside stars Hugh...

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'The Monuments Men' Is Finally Here. But Is It Any Good?

By Stephanie Chase | 4th February 2014

Based on the book by Robert M. Edsel,The Monuments Men centres on an Allied group named the 'Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Program', tasked with saving pieces of art and other culturally important items before...

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Retire? No Way: Shia Labeouf Is Rocking The Kasbah With Bill Murray And Bruce Willis

By Jack de Aguilar | 31st January 2014

Shia LaBeouf’s antics over the past year have been attributed to a wider ideal: a performance art piece produced with the help of several other artists. Whether that’s true or not, the mercurial actor claimed...

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Wes Anderson, George Clooney Taking Movies To Berlin Film Festival [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 28th January 2014

Wes Anderson and George Clooney will both take their latest movies to the Berlin International Film Festival this year. Organizers of the Berlinale, the first of the year's major European film festivals, have released the...

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Bill Murray Landed 2004 'Garfield' Voice Role Purely By Mistake

By Nick Hill | 20th January 2014

Bill Murray was the voice actor behind 2004's live-action film 'Garfield: The Movie', but only by one epic error.The 63 year-old took part in an 'Ask Me Anything' Q&A Reddit session this past Friday (Jan...

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Waiting For Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel? Check Out These New Clips [Clips]

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th January 2014

Despite his relatively young age, Wes Anderson has carved out a niche style of filmmaking recognisable to both aficionados and casual purveyors of cinema alike. His latest effort, The Grand Budapest Hotel, sees his perennial...

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George Clooney Reveals Feud With Russell Crowe & Bad Mouths Leonardo Dicaprio In Latest Interview

By Joe Wilde | 11th November 2013

George Clooney has moulded an image of himself as the nice guy around Hollywood, regularly pitching in on humanitarian projects around the world and hosting and attending fundraisers and the likes for example, but it...

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A Week In Movies: Meryl Streep Takes Action! Daniel Radcliffe Runs! And We Get New Trailers For X-men, Budapest Hotel And More

By Rich Cline | 1st November 2013

News from the Star Wars universe had fans nervous, as screenwriter Michael Arndt left his Episode VII draft to be rewritten by director JJ Abrams and Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote 1980's The...

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Oscars 2014 Predictions: The Star-studded 'Monuments Men'

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th September 2013

In the 1940s, a group of men unite to try and save history in the alternative World War II epic that is The Monuments Men. They’re not attempting to bring down the Fuhrer, infiltrate a...

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Bill Murray On Letterman - He Was Always Going To Do Something

By Jack de Aguilar | 30th August 2013

Bill Murray certainly turned some heads on the 20th birthday episode of The Late Show with David Letterman when he arrived in style as Liberace. Well and truly pimped out in the same kind of...

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Clooney's 'The Monuments Men' Remains Oscar Favorite After Trailer Release

By Michael West | 9th August 2013

George Clooney's latest assault on the Hollywood awards' season, The Monuments Men, remains the favorite to win Best Picture at the Oscars in February 2014 following the release of the first trailer this week.Directed and...

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'The Monuments Men': First Trailer Released For Upcoming George Clooney Wwii Movie [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 8th August 2013

The first trailer for upcoming George Clooney movie The Monuments Men has dropped ahead of the 2013/2014 film release. American audiences will catch the film this year, but most other countries (including the UK) will...

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Hollywood Meets Sussex: Clooney And Co Shoot 'The Monuments Men' [Pictures]

By Lauren James | 6th June 2013

A host of Hollywood stars, including Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville have landed in southern English locations while filming World War II movie The Monuments Men in Rye, Sussex, and...

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Why Did The Academy Snub Bill Murray And Hyde Park On Hudson?

By Michael West | 1st February 2013

Remember back in December when we - perhaps ambitiously - tipped Bill Murray for an Oscar nomination for his turn in Hyde Park on Hudson? You may have peered over the article in nodding agreement,...

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Laura Linney Talks History Ahead Of Hyde Park On Hudson

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th December 2012

If there are any fans out there, who particular enjoy the alchemy of film and iconic political figures, then the summer of 2012 will likely go down as your best yet. We've had Steven Spielberg's...

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Review Round-up: Does Bill Murray's Performance Save 'Hyde Park On Hudson'?

By Joe Wilde | 8th December 2012

Bill Murray playing one of America's greatest presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, may not have been everyones first choice, however recent reviews of the upcoming movie Hyde Park On Hudson have more or less been only...

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