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Murray Didn't Get Into Dope Character

17th February 2005

BILL MURRAY was desperate to complete his marijuana smoking scene in one take in his latest movie THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU, because the on-set drug substitute was so disgusting. The veteran funnyman...

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Murray Lost Contact With Johansson

17th February 2005

Actor BILL MURRAY has lost touch with SCARLETT JOHANSSON since they worked together on LOST IN TRANSLATION - because he finds it strange socialising with a girl so much younger than him. The OSCAR-nominated...

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Murray Thrills Libraries With Golf Hand-out

16th February 2005

Funnyman BILL MURRAY has thrilled bookworms in Salinas, California, by handing over his winnings from last week's (09FEB05) AT+T PEBBLE BEACH NATIONAL PRO-AM golf tournament to the seaside town's libraries. Murray was horrified when...

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Murray Wants To Quit Hollywood

15th February 2005

Hollywood actor BILL MURRAY wants to quit making movies so he can become a writer. THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU star insists he has always harboured deep ambitions to write and feels...

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Anderson: 'Murray Was Furious On Zissou Set'

10th February 2005

BILL MURRAY was so determined to convincingly play short-tempered oceanographer STEVE ZISSOU, he adopted the character's angry temperament on the set of his new movie. WES ANDERSON, the director of THE LIFE OF AQUATIC...

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Murray's Movie Prompts Shoe Demand

11th January 2005

BILL MURRAY's latest movie THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU has sparked an unexpected reaction - fans are petitioning for a spin off sports shoe. An online petition has been created by fans, urging...

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Murray Slams Difficult Reputation Stories

4th January 2005

BILL MURRAY has slammed accusations he is difficult to work with, insisting he only clashes with "obnoxious people". The LOST IN TRANSLATION actor has little time for those who lack consideration for others....

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Murray Loves Wrong Numbers

27th December 2004

BILL MURRAY loves it when people incorrectly call him on the phone because he likes chatting to complete strangers. While most people find misdials annoying, the LOST IN TRANSLATION star admits he loves picking...

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Stone Disrobes For New Film

24th December 2004

BASIC INSTINCT actress SHARON STONE plans to continue disrobing for the big screen as she approaches her fifth decade. The Hollywood blonde, 46, shot a steamy naked scene with BILL MURRAY for an untitled...

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Bill Murray: 'I'm Being Poisoned'

22nd December 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY has a theory about his looks - he believes he's aged in the past few years because people having been "poisoning" him. The Hollywood actor, 54, refuses to...

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Murray 'Rents' Wife And Kids For Christmas Card Pose

22nd December 2004

Actor BILL MURRAY has dreamed up a bizarre Christmas card for his pals and loved ones - it features picture of him posing with a "rented" wife and children, alongside comedian DAVID LETTERMAN. The...

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Murray's Doctor Dreams Destroyed By Drugs

14th December 2004

Funnyman BILL MURRAY turned to acting because his dreams of becoming a doctor were shattered when his college suspended him for trying to smuggle cannabis into Chicago in 1970. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star...

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Murray's Seasickness Exposed By Co-star Wilson

14th December 2004

OWEN WILSON has exposed his THE LIFE AQUATIC co-star BILL MURRAY as a land-loving seasickness-prone mess after working with the LOST IN TRANSLATION star in the new comedy. Murray has been keen to play...

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Murray Turns Down Actors Studio

24th November 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY has joined BRAD PITT on the small list of stars who have turned down the chance to appear on indepth American chat show INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO. The...

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When Harry Met Sally: Full Of Sexual Chemistry

14th October 2004

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY couple MEG RYAN and BILLY CRYSTAL score ten out of ten for sexual chemistry in a study by scientists researching onscreen romances. The experts from top British university King's College,...

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Weaver Falls In Love On Every Movie

21st September 2004

Hollywood superstar SIGOURNEY WEAVER falls in love with most of her co-stars. The ALIEN actress, who has worked with actors including BILL MURRAY, MEL GIBSON and WILLIAM HURT, forms attachments with her leading men...

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Dunst: Coppola Made Me A Woman

7th September 2004

Glamorous star KIRSTEN DUNST credits director SOFIA COPPOLA with turning her into a woman. The sexy actress starred in Coppola's 1999 hit THE VIRGIN SUICIDES and was so moved by the "life-changing experience", she...

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Take The Lost In Translation Tour

27th August 2004

Japanese entrepreneurs are cashing in on the success of LOST IN TRANSLATION by offering movie fans the chance to visit the clubs and hotels featured in SOFIA COPPOLA's film. Tour companies like NIPPON EXPRESS...

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Murray Purchases Property In Martha's Vineyard

26th August 2004

The LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY has purchased a $7.25 million (GBP4.02 million) 104-year-old property on Martha's Vineyard. The OSCAR-nominated actor, 53, has bought the six-bedroom house in Chilmark, Massachusetts, which boasts...

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Johansson: Give Me A Man In His Sixties

25th August 2004

SCARLETT JOHANSSON believes age isn't important in a relationship - and can foresee becoming romantically involved with a man in his sixties. The 19-year-old actress, who has starred opposite older men BILL MURRAY and...

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Stone To Star In Cult Director's Next Movie

19th August 2004

SHARON STONE's screen comeback continues with a role in cult film-maker JIM JARMUSCH's next film. The CATWOMAN actress will join LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY, OSCAR-winning actress JESSICA LANGE and CHLOE SEVIGNY...

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Brando Speech Tops Movie Lines Poll

23rd July 2004

MARLON BRANDO's "I could been a contender" speech in ON THE WATERFRONT has been voted the best movie line ever in a new poll. Editors at America's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY put Brando's TERRY MALLOY monologue...

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Harry Potter's Spell On America Remains

15th June 2004

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN was America's top movie for a second weekend, taking in $35.1 million (GBP19.5 million) to lift its 10-day total to $158.1 million (GBP87.8 million). SHREK 2 held...

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Johansson Sick Of Kissing Old Actors

9th June 2004

Hollywood beauty SCARLETT JOHANSSON is sick of kissing ancient actors and is desperate to play saucy parts with hunky young stars. The 19-year-old has endured sexy scenes with veteran actors BILLY BOB THORNTON, 48,...

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Murray Gets Jacksonville Festival Award

17th May 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION star BILL MURRAY has received a lifetime achievement award at Florida's JACKSONVILLE FILM FESTIVAL. Murray, 53, picked up his award on Saturday night (15MAY04), and immediately kissed his statuette - a...

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Drunk Murray Rates Kathleen Turner's Bedroom Performance

1st April 2004

An inebriated BILL MURRAY gave KATHLEEN TURNER's bedroom skills a high rating this week (ends2APR04) - in front of an all star audience. Funnyman Murray was hosting a benefit at New York's MUSEUM OF...

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Chris Rock Tops Comedy Poll

12th March 2004

CHRIS ROCK is the funniest man in America, according to a new ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY poll. The funnyman beat satirist JON STEWART and OLD SCHOOL star WILL FERRELL to the title. The top 10...

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Winfrey Saw Murray Cry

2nd March 2004

Talk show queen OPRAH WINFREY cried during CHARLIZE THERON's OSCAR acceptance speech - and saw nominee BILL MURRAY also shed a tear. The COLOR PURPLE star was seated a few rows away from the...

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Lost In Translation Wins Writers Award

25th February 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION and AMERICAN SPLENDOR have won the top screenwriting honours at the 56th annual WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA AWARDS. Writer and director SOPHIA COPPOLA's Lost In Translation - which stars BILL MURRAY...

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Woods Plays Murray In Tv Ad

25th February 2004

Golf superstar TIGER WOODS is to pay pal BILL MURRAY a funny tribute on OSCAR night - he'll recreate the actor's famous CADDYSHACK character. Woods will appear in a new AMERICAN EXPRESS TV commercial...

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