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Murray Hits Fan With Golfball

19th April 2009

A Florida woman who was hit by a stray golfball whacked by movie star BILL MURRAY has asked the actor for a signed copy of his CADDYSHACK DVD as payback for her injuries. Murray's hooked a...

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Police Called After Murray's Election Night 'Fight'

10th November 2008

Comedic actor BILL MURRAY's celebration of U.S. President-elect BARACK OBAMA's victory was cut short by police - after he reportedly got into a scuffle with a fellow reveller. According to reports, Murray was celebrating Obama's...

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Murray Steals Unwanted Treasures

12th October 2008

BILL MURRAY is a closet kleptomaniac - but he only steals items no one else wants. The Ghostbusters star insists he never pilfers anything of value, but he can't help but pick up forgotten items....

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Tim Robbins Earns Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

11th October 2008

Actor Tim Robbins has become the 2,371st celebrity to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.The Shawshank Redemption star said he was "really honoured" to receive the prestigious accolade at a Los...

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Movie Reviews City Of Ember

10th October 2008

The kiddie sci-fi flick City of Ember , which features Tim Robbins, Harry Treadaway, Saoirse Ronan, and Bill Murray, may end up a movie of embers after the critics get done with it. Actually, most...

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Bill Murray 'May Appear In New Ghostbusters'

10th October 2008

Bill Murray has said he may appear in a new Ghostbusters film, but only if the script is good enough.The Lost in Translation star said he hadn't ruled out appearing alongside Dan Aykroyd and Harold...

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Murray Missed Out On Batman Role

9th October 2008

Hollywood star BILL MURRAY missed out on the chance to play BATMAN in the 1989 original superhero movie - when he was snubbed in favour of MICHAEL KEATON. The Groundhog Day actor was one of...

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Murray: 'Ghostbusters Needs Girls'

9th October 2008

Actor BILL MURRAY is keen to see a new generation of GHOSTBUSTERS pick up their proton packs - especially if they are female. The funnyman starred in the 1984 hit movie and its 1989 sequel,...

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Bill Murray Brands Divorce Accusations As 'Devastating'

By Steven Williams | 8th October 2008

Legendary film star Bill Murray has spoken out about the accusations from his ex-wife over domestic abuse and drug addictions, stating that said accusations were "devastating". Murray was divorced by his wife, Jennifer Butler Murray,...

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The Things They Say 9775

6th October 2008

"I worked really, really hard on a Wisconsin accent, because I thought that would be an appropriate badger voice. I did the first couple of scenes in this Wisconsin badger voice, that I thought was...

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Murray Keen On Ghostbusters Iii

4th October 2008

Hollywood star BILL MURRAY is keen to reprise his role in a third GHOSTBUSTERS movie - if the script is funny enough. Nineteen years after Murray put down his proton pack after playing spook catcher...

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Third Ghostbusters Film Rumoured

6th September 2008

A third Ghostbusters film with Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson is in the works, according to reports from the US. Columbia Pictures has reportedly asked the producers of the US version...

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Murray's Perfect Skydive Gets Festival Off To Great Start

16th August 2008

Actor BILL MURRAY kicked off the festivities for Illinois' 50th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show 2008 on Friday (15Aug08) in spectacular fashion - by performing a skydive in front of the packed crowd. The...

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Bill Murray's Plane Leap

22nd July 2008

Movie star BILL MURRAY will throw himself out of a plane next month (Aug08) to raise money for charity. The Lost in Translation actor will take part in a parachute jump at the Chicago Air...

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Fascinating Fact 5659

22nd July 2008

Funnyman BILL MURRAY is planning to parachute with stunt team the Golden Knights as part of the Chicago Air and Water Show on 15 August (08)....

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Murray + Wife Granted Quick Divorce

26th June 2008

BILL MURRAY has ended his 10-year marriage to wife JENNIFER following a quick divorce. The couple's separation only hit the headlines last month (May08) and now the Murray's are single again. In court documents obtained...

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Fascinating Fact 5460

15th June 2008

Select journalists heading to next month's (Jul08) Comic-Con International comic book festival in San Diego, California will be transported there on board a train recreated to look like the mythical city in BILL MURRAY's new...

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Murray's Wife's Drunken Brush With The Law

9th June 2008

Police were called to BILL MURRAY's home in March (08) after his estranged wife got drunk and became "physical" with their children, according to police reports. Jennifer Butler Murray filed for divorce last month (May08),...

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Bill Murray To Divorce After Wife's Addiction Claims

30th May 2008

The wife of Bill Murray has filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage citing the actor's adultery and addictions to marijuana and alcohol.Jennifer Butler Murray also accuses the Ghostbusters star of physical abuse and...

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Murray Heading For Messy Divorce

29th May 2008

Actor BILL MURRAY has been hit with divorce papers from his wife of almost 11 years, who has reportedly blamed domestic abuse, drug addiction and infidelity for the breakdown of their marriage. Jennifer Butler Murray...

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Clooney, Murray + Schwartzman Voice Fantastic Mr. Fox

13th December 2007

GEORGE CLOONEY, BILL MURRAY and JASON SCHWARTZMAN are among the stars who have brought ROALD DAHL's beloved children's tale FANTASTIC MR. FOX to life. The trio has provided the voices for the leading characters in...

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Murray, Akyroyd + Ramis Cross The Beams For Ghostbusters Game

15th November 2007

BILL MURRAY, DAN AKYROYD and HAROLD RAMIS are teaming up again to voice their GHOSTBUSTERS characters in an upcoming video game based on the 1980s supernatural comedy movies. Akyroyd and Ramis, who wrote the screenplay...

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Anderson Makes Budget Cuts

23rd October 2007

Director WES ANDERSON has slammed the huge budget on his last film THE LIFE AQUATIC - because the money took its toll on the movie's stars, including BILL MURRAY. The budget of $50 million (GBP25...

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The Things They Say 5799

8th October 2007

"He's good. I left him a message today, I told him, you know, 'Finally you're good in a movie and where the hell are you?'" BILL MURRAY misses his THE DARJEELING LIMITED co-star OWEN WILSON...

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Rushmore Stars Reunite For New Film

28th September 2007

RUSHMORE stars BILL MURRAY and JASON SCHWARTZMAN are to reunite with the film's director WES ANDERSON for a new movie. The pair worked together on the cult 1998 movie, and will team up again with...

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Murray Laughs Off Drunken Golf Cart Arrest

4th September 2007

LATEST: BILL MURRAY has broken his silence over his alleged drink driving arrest in Sweden last month (19Aug07), insisting he was only "dropping people off" home following a golf tournament. Murray was stopped by police...

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Panettiere's Embarrassing First Encounter With Murray

3rd September 2007

HEROES star HAYDEN PANETTIERE mistook Hollywood actor BILL MURRAY for one of her dad's co-workers when they first met. Panettiere admits she recognised the Groundhog Day star's face when they met 11 years ago, but...

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Bill Murray Arrested For Drunk Driving In A Golf Cart

22nd August 2007

Hollywood star BILL MURRAY has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in a golf cart in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The actor was stopped by police in the early hours of Sunday (19Aug07) and...

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Murray's Sister Takes Nun Show On Tour

10th August 2007

BILL MURRAY's sister is using her acting genes to spread new research about the life of an Italian saint. Nancy Murray, a Roman Catholic nun, has taken her one-woman show about the life of St...

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Johansson Confirms Record

6th November 2006

LATEST: SCARLETT JOHANSSON has confirmed reports she's filling in time between movie shoots by recording an album. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star, who showed off her vocals in the film alongside BILL MURRAY in a...

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