On the outside, we’ve known that Frankie from Big Brother US is, in fact, Ariana Grande’s own big brother. But the way he made his confession is just so awkward, you can’t look away from this trainwreck. One tip for Frankie – if you have to tell everyone how famous you are, you probably aren’t that famous.

Michael Turchin, Frankie Grande, Jonathan Moskovits
Frankie is the one in the middle, by the way.

“I have been lying to all of you,” Frankie begins his super dramatic, mega awkward confession in front of a gathering of the house.

“I was on Broadway three years ago and since then, I have become a YouTube personality and a social media mogul,” he continues to say, while everyone watching continues to cringe.

The speech also includes gems like “I entered this house with 1,5 million followers on all my social media platforms…” and “My name is Frankie J Grande… and my sister… what’s my sister’s name… yeah. My sister’s Ariana Grande.” Read the ellipses as dramatic pauses, in which Frankie seems to be waiting for everyone to gasp and finish his sentence in amazement, and you may grasp the full extent of the ridiculousness. Or you could just watch the video below – beware the second-hand awkwardness though.

And here's the actual moment. 

Of course, the confession wasn’t nearly as shocking for the viewers, as it was for the housemates. And let’s be real for a sec – the housemates didn’t seem all that impressed either. Although the confession raises the question – if Frankie is so famous, how come he is on regular Big Brother, instead of the celebrity edition. Some food for thought there.

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His sister, however, seemed very proud of Frankie. Here’s what she posted on Twitter after the episode:

So err… way to be honest there. More or less.