Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil tucks into a ''flat sausage'' when he returns home from a tour.

The Scottish rock band's frontman has admitted as soon as he arrives back after a string of gigs he will always treat himself to the ''peculiar delicacy''.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine about his ritual, the dark-haired hunk said: ''I eat flat sausage.

''A flat sausage. It's a peculiar Scottish delicacy. Essentially it's a square of sausage meat that's delicious with brown sauce and a potato scone.''

The 'Black Chandelier' hitmaker has revealed he will enjoy the meat feast, ''smoke a doobie'', and sip on an Irn Bru.

He continued: ''I'll eat that, smoke a doobie and crack open an Irn-Bru. That's when I know I'm home.''

And the 37-year-old musician - who also features in the group alongside Ben and James Johnston - believes the actions of a rockstar are not as ''heavy'' as they used to be.

When asked about the crazy antics musicians get up to nowadays, he said: ''Oh, I don't know. Deleting all your stuff from streaming services? Coming off all social media? Is that as far as it goes? To be honest, throwing a TV out of a window feels like such a lame act these days. They're not as heavy as they used to be.''