Betty White - Betty White Is America's 'Most Trusted' Celebrity: Poll

Betty White, the 89 year-old former Golden Girls star, has been voted America's 'most trusted' celebrity, in a poll of 2,012 Americans conducted by Reuters. The star beat out popular Twitter and Facebook endorsees such as Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian as the person whose endorsement of a company would be most likely to drive business. Surprisingly some of the most bankable stars that endorse products online, such as Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen wear some of the least trusted celebs.

The next most popular celebs were: Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman (tied in seventh place with Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge), Will Smith and Johnny Depp.

The least popular celeb was Paris Hilton, followed by Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears (tied for third with Kanye West), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Mel Gibson, Donald Trump and Lebron James.

According to the poll, some 45% of respondents said they would be more likely to do business with a company if White was endorsing it, with 55% of people claiming that they would not buy a product if it were endorsed by Sheen.


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