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Midler Plans New York Farm

13th May 2009

Legendary entertainer BETTE MIDLER is so dedicated to turning New York green, she's planning to build a farm in the middle of the Big Apple. The actress/singer has dedicated a decade to the New York Restoration...

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Midler Keeps New York Green

12th May 2009

BETTE MIDLER is teaming up with rap superstar 50 CENT and country legend DOLLY PARTON to help keep New York green. The legendary diva will host a barbecue picnic this month (19May09) at Manhattan's Fort Tryon...

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Second Number One Single For Lady Gaga

23rd March 2009

US star Lady GaGa has claimed her second UK number one single with Poker Face, despite the song entering the chart ten weeks ago.The New Yorker's hit climbed from fourth to knock last week's number...

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The Things They Say 11617

16th March 2009

"It has a putting green in it, an astro-turf practice putting green like a large rug and two barbecues and a deck and an umbrella. It's hilarious!" Veteran entertainer BETTE MIDLER reveals her customised Las...

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Midler Sees 24-Year-old Wedding Photos For The First Time

13th March 2009

BETTE MIDLER has finally seen the first photos taken of her as Mrs. Martin Von Haselberg - 24 years after she got married in Las Vegas. The singer/actress gave up all hope of ever seeing the...

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Midler's Vegas Show Failing To Sell

8th January 2009

Veteran entertainer BETTE MIDLER is struggling to sell tickets for her Las Vegas residency, according to reports. The singer/actress debuted her Sin City show Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On in February last year...

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Midler Fulfils Her UKulele Ambition

16th December 2008

Singer BETTE MIDLER has embraced her Hawaiian roots and learned to play the ukulele for her Las Vegas show. The superstar treats fans to a rendition of the traditional islands instrument during performances at Caesar's...

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Midler's Workouts For Vegas Show

16th December 2008

Veteran entertainer BETTE MIDLER sticks to a strict exercise regime during her Las Vegas residence, in order to stop her body "falling apart". The 63-year-old star debuted her Vegas show Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must...

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The Things They Say 10319

25th November 2008

"I was married in the same month, actually, that a whole bunch of people were married; SALLY FIELD was married that month, MADONNA was married, half a dozen other big-time ladies were (married) and none...

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50 Cent + Bette Midler Launch Community Garden

4th November 2008

Odd couple 50 CENT and BETTE MIDLER teamed up on Monday (03Nov08) to cut the ribbon on a new community garden in the rapper's native Queens, New York. Midler, a long time Big Apple conservationist,...

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Midler Backs Obama After Credit Crisis

7th October 2008

Singer/actress BETTE MIDLER has blamed the U.S government for the current credit crisis - and has pledged her allegiance to presidential hopeful BARACK OBAMA's campaign. The star has vowed to support the Democratic presidential candidate...

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Midler Denies Joplin Movie Link

7th October 2008

BETTE MIDLER denies tragic rock star JANIS JOPLIN was the inspiration for her character in the 1979 movie THE ROSE. Midler starred as lead character Rose, a self-destructive rock star who struggled to come to...

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The Things They Say 9722

2nd October 2008

"I don't think it's a successful form. I don't think of LINDSAY as a singer-actress anyway." BETTE MIDLER claims LINDSAY LOHAN is struggling to juggle acting with a singing career....

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The Things They Say 9721

2nd October 2008

"I wasn't so keen to sing it in the first place. The man who brought it to me said, 'If you don't sing this, I will never speak to you again'. The song is like...

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Fascinating Fact 6006

19th September 2008

Veteran entertainer BETTE MIDLER has paid tribute to MADONNA in a video parody of the pop star. Midler promotes her new album JACKPOT! THE BEST BETTE in the clip in which she is seen...

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Motown Legends Join The First Wives Club For Stage Musical

8th September 2008

GOLDIE HAWN, DIANE KEATON and BETTE MIDLER's 1996 buddy movie FIRST WIVES CLUB is set to become the latest film to hit the stage as a musical, thanks to Motown's biggest hitmakers. Rock + Roll...

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Midler Takes Aim At Pop Stars

6th August 2008

Veteran entertainer BETTE MIDLER has hit out at the current batch of pop stars, insisting their live performances lack the emotion needed to make a connection with fans. The singer is convinced modern day artists...

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The Things They Say 8953

22nd July 2008

"I'm the people's diva and I go where my people are. My people happen to be drinking, gambling and whoring in Vegas." Veteran singer/actress BETTE MIDLER explains why she chose to Las Vegas for her...

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The Things They Say 8946

21st July 2008

"I wanted to be BETTE MIDLER when I grew up. It's not about being her. It's about being myself the way Bette Midler unapologetically has been herself." UGLY BETTY actress AMERICA FERRERA looks up to...

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Midler Finally Gets Wedding Snaps 23 Years On

29th June 2008

BETTE MIDLER is celebrating after setting eyes on her wedding photographs for the first time, 23 years after she walked down the aisle. Midler married Martin Rochus Sebastian von Haselberg in a ceremony in Las...

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The Things They Say 8732

28th June 2008

"They offered me a pile of money. I have to say they really stepped up to the plate." BETTE MIDLER explains her decision to come out of retirement to perform a string of shows in...

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Midler Shocked By Vegas Kids

23rd June 2008

Legendary entertainer BETTE MIDLER was shocked when she arrived in Las Vegas to begin her new show - because she found the casinos filled with young children. The 62-year-old star debuted her Vegas show Bette...

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The Things They Say 8630

19th June 2008

"I wouldn't let her (watch it). I thought the language was too strong and there was stuff I didn't want her to know about." BETTE MIDLER refused to let her daughter SOPHIE watch her controversial...

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Midler Teams With Couric For Trees Benefit

23rd May 2008

Acting legend BETTE MIDLER stepped out in New York this week (begs19May08) to raise money for her campaign to make the Big Apple more eco-friendly. Midler set up the New York Restoration Project in 1995,...

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Keisha Won't Be Nancy After I'd Do Anything Exit

28th April 2008

Keisha Amponsa-Banson has become the latest contestant to see her dreams of playing Nancy ended after being sent home from I'd Do Anything.The 23-year-old from north London had impressed the judges with her performance of...

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The Things They Say 8099

24th April 2008

"I've had great reviews, the food is great and I think I found my town. It's so strange because I avoided it for so many years but here I am wearing my rhinestones every day...

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The Things They Say 8084

23rd April 2008

"I've actually seen her closet because we asked her if we can borrow some shoes for her character in the film... and she's got some good shoes in there." HELEN HUNT is envious of THEN...

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The Things They Say 8068

22nd April 2008

"At the time we were making this picture for $3 million, WILL SMITH was making I AM LEGEND for $150 million." BETTE MIDLER on her low-budget new movie THEN SHE FOUND ME....

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Stars Campaign To Clean Up New York

28th March 2008

CHER, WHOOPI GOLDBERG, JOAN RIVERS, BETTE MIDLER and NAOMI CAMPBELL are backing a campaign to help the homeless in New York. The stars have autographed brooms which will be auctioned for homeless charities at June's...

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The Things They Say 7323

23rd February 2008

"When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think." BETTE MIDLER won't rule out cosmetic surgery.

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