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Dern Warns Actors About Vulnerability

27th February 2006

Actor BRUCE DERN is urging Hollywood stars to consider their vulnerability - insisting an actor is only as good as his last role. The MONSTER star insists even legendary screen icons such as JOHN...

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Brando's Sexual Appetite Exposed

22nd January 2006

A new biography of MARLON BRANDO is expected to cause friction - as it reportedly features a photograph of the screen star engaging in oral sex with another man. BRANDO UNZIPPED by DARWIN PORTER...

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Fascinating Fact 687

19th December 2005

Legendary actress BETTE DAVIS once used one of her Oscar statuettes as a doorstop....

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The Things They Say 464

24th October 2005

"It's unusual to find someone period, who can act - whether they're young or not. She is amazing. I felt that BETTE DAVIS was probably like her as a little girl. She'll grow up to...

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Cooper Thanks Critics For Number One

19th October 2005

ALICE COOPER sent cigars and flowers to thank critics who tried to get his music banned, because the publicity ensured a number one hit. Cooper - real name VINCENT DAMON FURNIER - took the...

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The Things They Say 322

29th September 2005

"I've been approached a number of times about playing BETTE DAVIS, but they never really found an isolated story that makes you live in that moment with Bette Davis." SUSAN SARANDON on playing the screen...

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Rourke Unimpressed With Knightley

8th September 2005

Hollywood hellraiser MICKEY ROURKE has slammed his DOMINO co-star KEIRA KNIGHTLEY for being lacking the qualities which make an actress "great" - and insists he needs a special leading lady to bring out his best...

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Classic Gone With The Wind Line Tops Movie Quotes Poll

22nd June 2005

RHETT BUTLER's GONE WITH THE WIND line "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" has topped an in depth new poll to find America's best-loved movie quote. The words, uttered by CLARK GABLE...

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Cindy Crawford Turns Her Back On Peta

19th August 2004

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD has dealt a blow to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) movement by becoming spokeswoman for fur giant BLACKGLAMA. Ten years ago, the former wife of RICHARD GERE...

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Streisand Set For All About Eve

27th October 2003

BARBRA STREISAND will star in a musical version of OSCAR-winning 1950 film ALL ABOUT EVE. The 61-year-old diva will take on the role of MARGO CHANNING, played by BETTE DAVIS in the original, which...

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Controversy As Bogart Is Uncovered

22nd April 2003

A book detailing the alleged secret life of legendary Hollywood actor HUMPHREY BOGART is causing controversy in Hollywood. The tome THE SECRET LIFE OF HUMPHREY BOGART, penned by scribe DARWIN PORTER is based on...

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Richard Harris Votes For Daniel

24th March 2003

Late acting legend RICHARD HARRIS has been contacting Hollywood's top psychics to scream his praise for DANIEL DAY-LEWIS. One celebrity psychic, KENNY KINGSTON, who claims to keep regular contact with dead stars such as...

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