Veteran Australian entertainer Bert Newton is recovering in hospital after undergoing quadruple bypass heart surgery on Saturday (24Nov12).

The 74-year-old Tv personality, who was hospitalised earlier this year (12) to clear a blockage from a stent in his heart, consulted a doctor on Wednesday (21Nov12) after complaining of chest pains and he was immediately admitted to a medical facility in Melbourne.

He underwent the procedure on Saturday morning, and a spokesperson for the Epworth Hospital reveals Newton is resting in the intensive care unit (Icu) after the successful procedure.

A statement reads, "Bert Newton's heart surgery has been completed. His surgeon said everything proceeded according to plan and he is very happy with how things went.

"Bert is now resting comfortably in intensive care. We are keeping a close eye on him in the Icu."

Newton's wife Patti adds, "I just went in and saw him for a second and... he's not a pretty sight at the moment. Hopefully that'll get better but it's early days yet, but at least he got through the operation, that's the main thing."

The star is expected to spend at least two weeks in hospital after the five-hour surgery.