Rapper Benzino's nephew has pleaded not guilty to allegations he tried to kill his uncle during his mother's funeral.

The hip-hop veteran was hospitalised on Saturday (29Mar14) after he was hit in the shoulder as he rode in the funeral procession in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

His nephew, Gai Scott, was arrested and charged with armed assault with intent to murder and was arraigned in Plymouth District Court on Monday (31Mar14).

His lawyer, Jon Ciraulo, entered the plea on his client's behalf, claiming the 36 year old fired his gun in self-defence.

Scott has been remanded in custody without bail, pending a hearing about the possible danger he poses to society on Wednesday (02Apr14).

Meanwhile, Benzino, real name Raymond Scott, has revealed he had no intention of showing up for the burial in a bid to avoid trouble relating to a feud with his sister's family over the alleged misuse of their late mother's property and funds.

Recalling the shooting, the rapper tells the Boston Globe, "I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me."

Benzino, who has since been discharged from hospital, did not name the gunman, preferring instead to let cops investigate the issue.