Being shot on the way to his mother's funeral has left Benzino not feeling great!

The hip-hop producer was traveling in Duxbury on the way to St. Peter's Church in Plymouth when his nephew opened fire on his moving vehicle, bullets hit Benzino's right arm and back.

But luckily the 48 year-old wasn't seriously injured and he was able to speak with the Boston-based media outlet NEHip-Hop from his hospital bed.

"I'm good, I got shot in my arm. I got shot twice - one of the bullets grazed my back and one here," he told the reporter. "I got to do some physical therapy for a while on my hand, but I'm alright."

After being shot, Benzino exited his red SUV while bleeding heavily and waved down a passer-by for assistance. He was taken to a nearby hospital where they determined the gunshot wounds were non-fatal.

It is still unclear why the shooting took place but other family members have said there has been growing tension between the two for some time.

The SUV was driving behind the hearse of Mary Scott, who passed away on March 20th, while it was travelling to the funeral mass.

"I'm more embarrassed than anything else to be honest with you," the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star said. "Because me being a public figure and having people see that me and my family are going through that. I didn't appreciate that."

Although the reason why his nephew, Gai Scott (36), shot him was not revealed due to the incident still being under investigation, Benzino found comfort that his late mother was finally laid to rest.

Watch Benzino's interview below

"At the end of the day, my mother is up there with her family now, and she's happy right now. I know she's resting," he said.

Scott was arrested on charges of armed assault and attempt to murder.