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Fascinating Fact: 4026561

16th January 2014

Former Law & Order star Benjamin Bratt has joined the cast of 24: Live Another Day. The actor is set to play Steve Harris, the head of Central Intelligence Agency operations hired to track down...

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Us Box Office: The Conjuring Haunts R.i.p.d. During Its Opening Weekend

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd July 2013

The Conjuring, opening this weekend, gained $41.5 million. Another lower budget film beat off the likes of R.I.P.D. which, according to reports, cost more than $130 million to make.Vera Farmiga at the premiere of Bates...

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Benjamin Bratt Signed Up For Despicable Me 2 Film To Impress Kids

4th July 2013

Actor Benjamin Bratt jumped at the chance to join the cast of animated family film Despicable Me 2 in a bid to impress his children.The former Law & Order star, who has also recently appeared...

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Benjamin Bratt Avoids Handling Fireworks After Childhood Mishap

4th July 2013

Actor Benjamin Bratt is steering clear of the fireworks this Independence Day (04Jul13) after almost blowing his hand off as a kid.The Miss Congeniality star traditionally holds a summer (13) barbecue for his friends and...

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'Despicable Me 2': Early Reviews Round-up

By Elinor Cosgrave | 2nd July 2013

Despicable Me 2, the sequel to the first 2010 film, is due to be released in cinemas on Wednesday. Early critical reviews have been largely positive. Keith Uhlich of the New York Times said the...

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A Week In Movies: World War Z Breaks Out, Madonna Steps Out, Despicable Cast Speaks Up

By Staff Writer | 21st June 2013

Filming on Brad Pitt's apocalyptic zombie epic World War Z started two years ago in Britain and Malta, and audiences are finally getting to see the results this weekend. Critics are being hard on the...

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Benjamin Bratt Replaces Al Pacino In Despicable Me Sequel

6th May 2013

Benjamin Bratt has stepped in to replace Al Pacino in the Despicable Me sequel.Pacino was drafted in as the voice of Eduardo when Javier Bardem passed on the project, but reports he has quit...

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Bratt Sues Over Film Money

22nd October 2010

BENJAMIN BRATT is taking legal action against the bosses behind his latest movie LA MISSION over allegations they failed to pay him for his role in the film.The former Law & Order star appears in...

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The Things They Say 16037

8th April 2010

"My brother and I were born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco (where) homophobia exists. (But) no matter what decisions my kids have or make, I'd always support what they are. I...

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The Things They Say 16033

7th April 2010

"Raising them is my wife’s and my principal focus. In recognition of that, being a father informs the choices I make in terms of the roles I take on, where those jobs are... As a...

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La Mission Was A Bratt Family Affair

7th April 2010

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT made his new drama LA MISSION a real family affair - he stars alongside his wife in a film written and directed by his brother.The former Law & Order star's older brother...

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Bratt Has 'Immunity Pass' With Police

7th April 2010

Former LAW & ORDER star BENJAMIN BRATT has credited his role in the hit TV show with giving him a "lifetime cinematic immunity pass" with the police - insisting he always escapes tickets because of...

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Bratt: 'Latinos Are Overlooked In Film'

7th April 2010

Former LAW & ORDER star BENJAMIN BRATT is convinced Latino actors are treated unfairly in Hollywood - insisting many stars are overlooked by movie bosses because of their ancestry.The California-born actor has Latin roots through...

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Fascinating Fact 8215

24th October 2009

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT is returning to the hit TV cop show which landed him an Emmy Award nomination. The star will reprise his character Det. Reynaldo Curtis on Law & Order. Bratt appeared on the...

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Hathaway, Shatner And Bratt Lead Prism Awards

24th April 2009

ANNE HATHAWAY, WILLIAM SHATNER and BENJAMIN BRATT were among the winners at the 2009 Prism Awards, honouring Hollywood productions which raise awareness of drug-related issues. The Los Angeles ceremony, which took place on Thursday (23Apr09), saw...

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Goldberg Joins Cast Of The Cleaner

27th March 2009

Oscar winner WHOOPI GOLDBERG will play BENJAMIN BRATT's ex-wife in a guest appearance on U.S. TV drama THE CLEANER. The odd coupling is part of a new plotline for the series' second season, which will see...

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Bratt's Secret Battle With Disabled Daughter

23rd July 2008

BENJAMIN BRATT's five-year-old daughter has been battling a secret brain injury she suffered at birth. The actor and his wife, Talisa Soto, shunned the opportunity to share their daughter Sophia's plight with the world, choosing...

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Bratt's Dentist Dream

15th July 2008

BENJAMIN BRATT turned to acting after giving up on his first career ambition to be a dentist. The Hollywood star decided to treat teeth when he was in high school, after becoming inspired by a...

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Bratt Feels Foolish After Spanish Session With Author

27th January 2008

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT fears he made a terrible first impression upon meeting novelist GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ by speaking terrible Spanish to a man who cherishes the language. Bratt had just shot the movie adaptation of...

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Bratt's Nephew Killed In Car Collision

13th December 2007

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT is mourning the loss of his 20-year-old nephew, after he was killed in a tragic car accident. Kristopher Bratt - the son of the Miss Congeniality star's eldest brother - died early...

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Bratt Proud Of Two-year-old Son's Way With The Ladies

15th November 2007

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT's infant son is wowing the girls at his pre-school. The Miss Congeniality star was surprised when he found out little Matteo Bratt, two, already has three girlfriends - who he regularly kisses....

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Roberts Pregnant?

29th December 2006

Oscar-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS is reportedly pregnant with her third child with husband DANIEL MODER. The ERIN BROCKOVICH star, 39, and Moder, 37, welcomed twins PHINNAEUS WALTER and HAZEL PATRICIA in November 2004 - two...

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Soderbergh To Direct Back-to-back Che Biopics

31st October 2006

OCEAN'S ELEVEN director STEVEN SODERBERGH is set to shoot two back-to-back films about Latin American revolutionary CHE GUEVARA. Soderbergh and BENICIO DEL TORO, who will play Guevara, have been working on the movies since they...

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Cooper And Esposito Engaged

4th October 2006

WEDDING CRASHERS star BRADLEY COOPER and CRASH star JENNIFER ESPOSITO are engaged. Cooper, 31 and Esposito, 34, have kept their romance very low profile and refused to confirm rumours they were actually dating. Esposito, who...

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Bisset 'Can't Forgive' Roberts For Relationship Conduct

26th June 2006

British actress JACQUELINE BISSET has never looked at JULIA ROBERTS in the same way after the PRETTY WOMAN star fell for her husband DANIEL MODER while he was still married to his first wife. Roberts...

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Bratt Baffled By Naming Process

4th February 2006

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT agonised over picking a name for his new son because he wanted make sure it was "macho" enough. The actor has a three-year-old daughter with actress TALISA SOTO, but felt different...

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Bratt Involved In Winfrey Fiasco

2nd February 2006

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT was left red-faced when OPRAH WINFREY asked him to surprise one of his so-called fans - and she had no idea who he was. The MISS CONGENIALITY actor, 42, reluctantly agreed...

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Ormond Joins Soderbergh For Revolutionary Film

31st January 2006

British beauty JULIA ORMOND has signed to star in director STEVEN SODERBERGH's latest film CHE. The LEGENDS OF THE FALL actress will act opposite BENICIO DEL TORO, who plays communist revolutionary ERNESTO 'CHE' GUEVARA...

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Phillippe Voted Hottest Hollywood Dad

1st December 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON's hunky husband RYAN PHILLIPPE has been voted Hollywood's hottest dad in a new magazine poll. The smouldering CRASH star beat WILL SMITH and JOHNNY DEPP in the new list, which was voted...

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The Things They Say 430

19th October 2005

"He, like all babies, is an eating, pooping, peeing machine." BENJAMIN BRATT on his newborn son MATEO....

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