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Del Toro Rescues Cruz From Elevator

22nd May 2005

BENICIO DEL TORO has come to the rescue of PENELOPE CRUZ and her mother after they all got stuck in an elevator at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in France. The OSCAR-winning actor saved the...

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Del Toro Battles The Bulge

11th May 2005

Screen hunk BENICIO DEL TORO vowed he would never pile on the pounds again after plumping up for FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS seven years ago (98) - but he has already gone back...

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Robinson Takes Over Hunter's Rum Diary

15th April 2005

BENICIO DEL TORO has passed on directing a movie adaptation of HUNTER S THOMPSON's THE RUM DIARY because it has taken 18 months to get cameras rolling. According to the film's star, JOSH HARTNETT,...

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Sin City Tops American Box Office

4th April 2005

New movie SIN CITY has raced to the top of the American box office with a weekend haul of $28.1 million (GBP14.7 million). The comic book adaptation, which counts BRUCE WILLIS, ROSARIO DAWSON, BRITTANY...

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Hotel Rwanda Director Takes Over Cancelled Washington Film

29th March 2005

HOTEL RWANDA writer and director TERRY GEORGE will resurrect cancelled film AMERICAN GANGSTER, only six months after the thriller was pulled by studio bosses. OSCAR-winners DENZEL WASHINGTON and BENICIO DEL TORO were set to...

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Ashton Reveals All To Brad

21st March 2005

BRAD PITT has come out of semi-reclusion to interview his one-time love rival ASHTON KUTCHER for the latest issue of American magazine INTERVIEW. The movie hunk once agreed to let a young Kutcher date...

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Johansson Shocked By Gossip About Herself

14th February 2005

SCARLETT JOHANSSON is often shocked by gossip about her, because tabloid reports make her appear "really saucy". The LOST IN TRANSLATION actress caused scandal last year (FEB04) when it was claimed she had enjoyed...

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Johansson Blames Del Toro Reports On Sarcastic Comments

11th January 2005

LATEST: Actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON blames her own sarcasm for the false reports which linked her to BENICIO DEL TORO. The LOST IN TRANSLATION beauty, 20, recently denied a heavily circulated story that she and...

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Benicio's New Babe

30th December 2004

Movie hunk BENICIO DEL TORO is romancing record producer DAVID FOSTER's daughter SARA, according to new reports. The TRAFFIC OSCAR winner, who was romantically linked with SCARLETT JOHANSSON earlier this year (04), has been...

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Del Toro Set To Marry?

23rd December 2004

Actor BENICIO DEL TORO is finally ready to settle down with newgirlfriend, model and actress SARA FOSTER, according to pals. The FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS star has been linked to a string...

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Hudson 'Heads To Strip Club'

10th December 2004

ALMOST FAMOUS star KATE HUDSON and her rocker husband CHRIS ROBINSON enjoyed a rare night without their 11 month-old son RYDER - when they went to a Los Angeles strip club. The couple left...

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The Usual Suspects Sequel In The Pipeline

19th November 2004

Film bosses are moving ahead with plans to make a sequel to THE USUAL SUSPECTS - nine years after the first movie hit screens. The 1995 classic, which starred STEPHEN BALDWIN, BENICIO DEL TORO,...

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Johansson And Leto Make It Official

17th November 2004

SCARLETT JOHANSSON and JARED LETO have finally proved their alleged romance is for real by smooching for photographers in Los Angeles. The stunning actress, 19, has been photographed kissing the REQUIEM FOR A DREAM...

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Del Toro Paid $5 Million For Defunct Film

9th November 2004

OSCAR-winning actor BENICIO DEL TORO was reportedly paid $5 million (GBP2.7 million) to star in now-defunct film TRU BLU. Last month (OCT04) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS cancelled the Del Toro and DENZEL WASHINGTON-starring biopic of infamous...

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Dicaprio's Star-studded Voting Campaign

19th October 2004

Movie hunk LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has persuaded a host of stars including JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and SAMUEL L JACKSON to star in an advertising campaign encouraging young people to vote in the forthcoming American elections (NOV04)....

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Washington And Del Toro's Film Off?

17th October 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON and BENICIO DEL TORO's hot new movie has reportedly been cancelled because it's too expensive to complete. The pair were set to team up in TRU BLU, the real-life story of infamous...

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Fuqua 'Fired' From Tru Blu

3rd October 2004

Director ANTOINE FUQUA has reportedly been fired from the forthcoming DENZEL WASHINGTON film TRU BLU. According to American gossip site PAGESIX.COM, the TRAINING DAY movie maker was "unceremoniously let go" from the crime thriller,...

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Beatty Takes Over Brando's Honorary Chairman Post

21st September 2004

WARREN BEATTY has taken over late actor MARLON BRANDO's long-held position as honorary chairman of the STELLA ADLER SCHOOL OF ACTING. Beatty's first job will be to oversee the 8 November (04) STELLA BY...

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Scarlett's Royal Crush

2nd September 2004

Hollywood star SCARLETT JOHANSSON has a new royal crush - on British socialite LORD FREDDIE WINDSOR. Friends say the LOST IN TRANSLATION star was taken by the 24-year-old son of the PRINCE and PRINCESS...

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Scarlett Pursues Jake Gyllenhaal

8th August 2004

Hollywood actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON is looking for love and has reportedly asked to be set up with newly single star JAKE GYLLENHAAL. The LOST IN TRANSLATION star has met Gyllenhaal a few times, and...

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Pharrell Tops Style List

21st July 2004

Superstar producer PHARRELL WILLIAMS has beaten out the likes of DAVID BECKHAM, BENICIO DEL TORO and SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS to top COMPLEX magazine's Style 25 list. The FRONTIN' singer, whose love of trucker...

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Kidman's Unreleased Film Wins Awards

27th May 2004

NICOLE KIDMAN's new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES has won a Hollywood film honour a month before its American release. The remake of the 1970s classic film claimed three prizes at the fifth annual GOLDEN...

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Paltrow And Diaz Slammed For Bad Posture

18th May 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW, CAMERON DIAZ and HUGH GRANT are among a host of stars who have been criticised for having bad posture. DR PAUL DREW - who has been using his massage and personal training...

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Benicio + Baldwin Invited To Join Environmental Panel

25th April 2004

Los Angeles Mayor JIM HAHN has invited BENICIO DEL TORO and ALEC BALDWIN to join a new steering group to boost environmental issues in Hollywood after the actors wrote to him to express concerns about...

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J.lo To Go Inside The Actor's Studio

6th April 2004

Hollywood superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is poised to thrill film students when she shares her craft secrets with them on TV show INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO. The sexy MAID IN MANHATTAN star - whose latest...

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Soderbergh Takes Over Che Movie

2nd April 2004

TRAFFIC OSCAR-winner BENICIO DEL TORO and director STEVEN SODERBERGH have teamed up again on a new biopic about Cuban revolutionary CHE GUEVARA. The movie maker will replace TERRENCE MALICK as the project's director....

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Rodriguez's All-star Cast

18th March 2004

SPY KIDS director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ is collecting an all-star cast for his new film and has so far targeted LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, BRUCE WILLIS, ELIJAH WOOD, BRITTANY MURPHY and BENICIO DEL TORO. Rodriguez has already...

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Del Toro: I Will Get Better

5th March 2004

OSCAR-winning actor BENICIO DEL TORO is a perfectionist who is never completely satisfied with his work. The 21 GRAMS star, who won the Best Supporting Actor ACADEMY AWARD for TRAFFIC in 2001, refuses to...

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Del Toro's Big Secret

4th March 2004

Movie star BENICIO DEL TORO kept his career a secret from his parents - and only revealed he was an actor after winning an ACADEMY AWARD in 2001. Despite his starring roles in movies...

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Del Toro Loved Putting Cigarette Out On Arm

2nd March 2004

OSCAR-nominated BENICIO DEL TORO was once so immersed in a role he stubbed out a cigarette on his arm - and enjoyed the pain. The 21 GRAMS actor indulged in the spot of method...

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