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Kingsley Finally Finds The One

3rd October 2006

SIR BEN KINGSLEY credits new girlfriend DANIELA LAVENDER with rekindling his faith in love - two years after finding out his wife cheated on him. The pair have been a couple since January (06), shortly...

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Uwe Boll Knocks Out Critics

25th September 2006

LATEST: Cult German film director UWE BOLL has knocked out some of his harshest critics in the boxing ring, in revenge for their harsh reviews of his movies. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical...

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Boll Reveals Identities Of Critics He Will Box

29th August 2006

LATEST: German director UWE BOLL has named the five movie critics he will box against and film for his next movie POSTAL. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical contest after they criticised his movie...

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Mckellen Questions Gervais Joke

22nd August 2006

Veteran British actor SIR IAN MCKELLEN has launched a veiled attack on GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY, after complaining RICKY GERVAIS was confusing the actors' pomposity in a new episode of EXTRAS. Gervais was keen...

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Outrage Over Burstyn's 15-Second Emmy Nomination

8th August 2006

ELLEN BURSTYN's nomination for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy Award is being ridiculed by the US media, because the Oscar winner appears in MRS HARRIS for a mere 15 seconds. HBO drama Mrs Harris stars...

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Fascinating Fact 1845

26th July 2006

Academy Award-winner SIR BEN KINGSLEY is to launch the return of British TV favourite JACKANORY in November (06) by reading the first story of a girl's struggle against an evil sorcerer. The children's show originally...

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Winstone: 'Actors Don't Need The Method'

8th May 2006

British actor RAY WINSTONE has dismissed method acting as unnecessary, because it's impossible to proactively research truly evil roles. Winstone was struck by the versatility of his SEXY BEAST co-star SIR BEN KINGSLEY, mainly because...

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Kingsley Loves His Hunky Gardener

8th April 2006

SIR BEN KINGSLEY has fallen for his gardener - because the strapping Cotswold lad fascinates him with the Latin names for all the plants on his Oxfordshire, England estate. The SEXY BEAST star says, "I...

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Kingsley Uses Knighthood To Visit Global Trouble Spots

26th March 2006

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY is putting his knighthood to good use, by getting access to the world's trouble spots. The GANDHI star has discovered the best thing he can do with his title is...

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Mary Mccartney: 'My Dad Is No Kingsley'

2nd March 2006

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's eldest daughter MARY has laughed off suggestions her dad would come across "all BEN KINGSLEY" - maintaining he never insists on being addressed by his title. Kingsley was criticised by other titled...

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Kingsley Blames Childhood Racism For Title Row

28th February 2006

LATEST: SIR BEN KINGSLEY blames racism he suffered growing up in England for his obsession with using his title. The actor was criticised by other titled British actors after his knighthood was used on...

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Kingsley Apologises

26th February 2006

LATEST: SIR BEN KINGSLEY has apologised for asking to be addressed as 'Sir' both by colleagues and on publicity material - insisting he has no recollection of making the demand. The actor recently announced...

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Kingsley Demands Sir Of Humble Freeman

24th February 2006

LATEST: SIR BEN KINGSLEY demanded LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN co-star MORGAN FREEMAN address him using his official title - but the Oscar winner was happy to oblige his screen idol. The British actor has come...

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Kingsley To Help Pakistan Earthquake Victims

23rd February 2006

Academy Award-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has vowed to give financial help to the victims of last year's (05) Pakistan earthquake. The 62-year-old GANDHI star was moved by images of the millions left homeless...

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Puttnam Blasts 'Barmy' Kingsley

20th February 2006

Film producer and politician LORD PUTTNAM insists SIR BEN KINGSLEY is "barmy" for making people call him by his full title on every occasion. The CHARIOTS OF FIRE movie-maker fears Kingsley will breed dislike...

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Moore: 'Stop The 'Sir' Kingsley'

18th February 2006

SIR ROGER MOORE has hit out at fellow knighted actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY's insistence on being addressed by his full title at all times. Kingsley, who was knighted in 2001, recently announced there is...

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Hopkins 'Too Intelligent' For Sir

7th February 2006

Oscar winner SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS can't understand why celebrities with Knighthoods insist on being called 'Sir' - because it sounds too pompous. The RED DRAGON star, who was made Commander Of The British Empire...

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Fascinating Fact 850

16th January 2006

Oscar winner BEN KINGSLEY is set to star in the final episodes of hit mobster show THE SOPRANOS....

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Kingsley Admits Devastation At Adulterous Wife Photos

16th November 2005

Veteran actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY was flabbergasted when he saw photographs published on the internet proving his ex-wife was having an affair, because he had no suspicions at all. The 61-year-old actor married ALEXANDRA...

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Pacino And Theron To Save The World

19th October 2005

AL PACINO and CHARLIZE THERON are set to reunite on the big screen in a bid to save the world. The Oscar-winners, who first teamed up in 1997's THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, will head an...

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Kingsley: I've No Interest In Theatre Roles'

5th October 2005

Academy award-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has no intention of following the lead of a host of other Hollywood stars by signing up for a theatre role. The GANDHI star can't understand how established...

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Polanski Asks Oliver For Oscar

27th September 2005

Director ROMAN POLANSKI has high hopes for his OLIVER TWIST lead BARNEY CLARK - he wants him to win an Academy Award. The lucky 12-year-old was thrilled to land the role alongside Oscar winner...

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Kingsley's Fagin Inspired By Old Photos

26th September 2005

SIR BEN KINGSLEY used a stash of photographs he picked up on the set of SCHINDLER'S LIST in Krakow, Poland, to inspire his makeover as Dickensian Jew FAGIN in ROMAN POLANSKI's OLIVER TWIST. The...

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Kingsley Snubs Polanski Daily

20th September 2005

Oscar-winning actor BEN KINGSLEY left legendary director ROMAN POLANSKI speechless when he pretended not to know the film-maker on the set of the upcoming OLIVER TWIST remake. The GANDHI star prepared for his role...

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False Teeth Trouble For Kingsley

4th September 2005

Veteran actor BEN KINGSLEY had to be rescued from a set of false teeth by controversial director ROMAN POLANSKI, while filming a remake of OLIVER TWIST. The GHANDI Oscar-winner, who was wearing the dentures...

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Kingsley Tries To Seduce Ryder

1st March 2005

British actor BEN KINGSLEY tried to seduce WINONA RYDER at a post-ACADEMY AWARDS party - only weeks after splitting from wife of ten months ALEXANDRA CHRISTMANN. The GANDHI OSCAR-winner was spotted sweet-talking the GIRL,...

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Heartbroken Kingsley Files For Divorce

7th February 2005

LATEST: British actor BEN KINGSLEY has filed for divorce from his third wife ALEXANDRA after seeing photos of the German beauty with her new boyfriend. Last month (17JAN05) German tabloid BZ published images of...

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Messing's Crush On Kingsley

7th February 2005

WILL + GRACE star DEBRA MESSING has unveiled a longtime crush on British actor BEN KINGSLEY. The redhead screen beauty, married to actor-screenwriter DANIEL ZELMAN, admits the OSCAR-winning GANDHI star has been a favourite...

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Kingsley Confirms Split With Wife

23rd January 2005

LATEST: SIR BEN KINGSLEY has confirmed his split with his wife of 16-months ALEXANDRA, but insists the pair remain "close" friends. The OSCAR-winning actor, 61, has separated from his 30-year-old spouse, who is now...

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Kingsley Splits From Wife After Kissing Picture Published

19th January 2005

LATEST: OSCAR-winning actor BEN KINGSLEY has split up with his wife of 15 months after a German newspaper published a picture of her kissing another man. On Monday (17JAN05), the BZ tabloid printed a...

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