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Kingsley Doesn't Read His Own Press

26th November 2007

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY refuses to read newspaper articles about him, after discovering his ex-wife was cheating in the press. The Gandhi star's last marriage to Alexandra Christmann ended in 2005 after she was...

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Kingsley Slams Age Difference Critics

26th November 2007

Oscar winner SIR BEN KINGSLEY has hit out at critics of his marriage to much younger actress DANIELA BARBOSA de CARNEIRO, insisting they are equals in every way. The 63-year-old claims he and the 33-year-old...

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Kingsley Searches For Project With New Wife

26th November 2007

SIR BEN KINGSLEY is desperately searching for a movie project he can share with his new wife. The actor has set up a production company with waitress-turned-actress Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro, his fourth wife, and...

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Kingsley Denies He Demands To Be Called Sir

5th November 2007

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has played down rumours he demands to be called by his upper-class title, insisting knighthoods "should never be used on billings." The Gandhi star - who was knighted in 2002...

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The Things They Say 5931

23rd October 2007

"She's my role model, an inspiration. I know every morning, people have morning mantras - and my morning mantra is 'Gimme gimme gimme. Gimme gimme gimme' It starts my day." GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY on...

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Kingsley: 'Don't Hire Actors With Personal Problems'

22nd October 2007

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has urged film bosses to stop hiring actors with too many personal issues - because their problems hinder their big-screen performances. The Gandhi star fears actors take on roles to...

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Fascinating Fact 4018

28th September 2007

GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY is to return to biopics - he will play the Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife....

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The Things They Say 5521

7th September 2007

"Without sounding pompous, she looks like a combination of ancient Egypt and ancient Rome." SIR BEN KINGSLEY on his new wife DANIELA BARBOSA DE CAENEIRO....

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Kingsley Marries Wife Number Four

6th September 2007

Oscar-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has secretly married wife number four - a Brazilian former waitress half his age. Kingsley, 63, wed 32-year-old actress Daniela Barbosa De Carneiro in front of a handful of guests...

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Raunch Wins At The Box Office

20th August 2007

Success was an equal-opportunity employer over the weekend as the wholesome High School Musical 2 set cable records as it arrived on television (see separate item) and the raunchy comedy Superbad performed beyond analysts' expectations...

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Fascinating Fact 3756

15th August 2007

Sixty-three-year-old actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY shares a passionate kiss with 21-year-old MARY-KATE OLSEN in their new movie THE WACKNESS....

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Kingsley To Battle Doctor Who?

7th August 2007

SIR BEN KINGSLEY is in final negotiations to play a DOCTOR WHO villain in the fourth series of the British sci-fi show, according to reports. The Gandhi star will fit his TV role as half-man,...

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Kingsley's Soccer Skit

2nd July 2007

DAVID BECKHAM fans had a shock on Friday night (29Jun07) when SIR BEN KINGSLEY pretended to be the soccer star's new coach. The Oscar winner stunned late-night TV viewers in America when he appeared in...

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Kingsley Upset He Can't Remember Movie Skills

24th June 2007

SIR BEN KINGSLEY wishes he could retain the information he gathers for film roles because he regrets forgetting how to play chess and certain spiritual exercises he learned to play Gandhi. The British actor goes...

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Kingsley Inspired By Alcoholic Co-star

22nd June 2007

SIR BEN KINGSLEY has a new-found respect for recovering alcoholics after working with one on a recent film. The Gandhi star is refusing to name names but admits a fellow actor, who he teamed up...

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Hand-holding Kingsley + Cruz Not Dating

26th April 2007

Friends of PENELOPE CRUZ and SIR BEN KINGSLEY have acted quickly to play down romance reports after the two European stars were spotted holding hands between takes on their new movie. The odd couple raised...

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Kingsley To Marry Wife Number Four

4th April 2007

Oscar-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY is engaged to be married for the fourth time, to 32-year-old actress DANIELA BARBOSA. Kingsley, 63, first unveiled Barbosa at a Hollywood premiere last January (06), just three months after...

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Kingsley's Sexy Beast Inspired By Real Thugs

2nd April 2007

Veteran actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY based his mobster SEXY BEAST character on backstage crew workers he met during his time in the theatre. The 63-year-old, who plays the intimidating villain DON LOGAN in the 2000...

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Kingsley Pays Tribute To `Nazi Hunter' Wiesenthal In Berlin

12th February 2007

Oscar winner SIR BEN KINGSLEY poured praise on Nazi hunter SIMON WIESENTHAL at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday (11FEB07) at a premiere of a documentary about the Holocaust survivor. Kingsley, who appears in the film,...

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De Niro Tops 'Shameless' List

22nd January 2007

ROBERT DE NIRO has been named and shamed in a US magazine after topping a new poll to find the 25 Most Shameless Paycheck Grabbing Roles In History. The revered actor's odd role in critically-panned...

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Harrelson And Morton To Team Up For Trans-siberian Thriller

1st December 2006

WOODY HARRELSON is set for a Christmas trip across the former Soviet Union as part on an all-star thriller set on the Trans-Siberian Express. Harrelson and British actress SAMANTHA MORTON will play husband and wife...

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Kingsley Finally Finds The One

3rd October 2006

SIR BEN KINGSLEY credits new girlfriend DANIELA LAVENDER with rekindling his faith in love - two years after finding out his wife cheated on him. The pair have been a couple since January (06), shortly...

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Uwe Boll Knocks Out Critics

25th September 2006

LATEST: Cult German film director UWE BOLL has knocked out some of his harshest critics in the boxing ring, in revenge for their harsh reviews of his movies. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical...

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Boll Reveals Identities Of Critics He Will Box

29th August 2006

LATEST: German director UWE BOLL has named the five movie critics he will box against and film for his next movie POSTAL. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical contest after they criticised his movie...

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Mckellen Questions Gervais Joke

22nd August 2006

Veteran British actor SIR IAN MCKELLEN has launched a veiled attack on GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY, after complaining RICKY GERVAIS was confusing the actors' pomposity in a new episode of EXTRAS. Gervais was keen...

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Outrage Over Burstyn's 15-Second Emmy Nomination

8th August 2006

ELLEN BURSTYN's nomination for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy Award is being ridiculed by the US media, because the Oscar winner appears in MRS HARRIS for a mere 15 seconds. HBO drama Mrs Harris stars...

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Fascinating Fact 1845

26th July 2006

Academy Award-winner SIR BEN KINGSLEY is to launch the return of British TV favourite JACKANORY in November (06) by reading the first story of a girl's struggle against an evil sorcerer. The children's show originally...

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Winstone: 'Actors Don't Need The Method'

8th May 2006

British actor RAY WINSTONE has dismissed method acting as unnecessary, because it's impossible to proactively research truly evil roles. Winstone was struck by the versatility of his SEXY BEAST co-star SIR BEN KINGSLEY, mainly because...

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Kingsley Loves His Hunky Gardener

8th April 2006

SIR BEN KINGSLEY has fallen for his gardener - because the strapping Cotswold lad fascinates him with the Latin names for all the plants on his Oxfordshire, England estate. The SEXY BEAST star says, "I...

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Kingsley Uses Knighthood To Visit Global Trouble Spots

26th March 2006

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY is putting his knighthood to good use, by getting access to the world's trouble spots. The GANDHI star has discovered the best thing he can do with his title is...

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