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Kingsley Baffled By The English View Of Celebrity

25th August 2008

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY is convinced people in his native country have a love/hate relationship with celebrities. The Gandhi star insists that the public in the U.K. are extremely fickle - as they generally...

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Cruz's Penis Chomp Cut From New Move

5th August 2008

A shocking scene which appears to suggest PENELOPE CRUZ bit SIR BEN KINGSLEY's penis has been axed from the odd couple's new movie ELEGY. The pair plays lovers in the new film adaptation of author...

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Kingsley Lets Actresses Lead Love Scenes

28th July 2008

Gracious movie star SIR BEN KINGSLEY insists female co-stars take the lead whenever he's involved in a sex scene - because he doesn't want them to feel like he's molesting them. The Oscar winner breaks...

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Movie Reviews: The Wackness

8th July 2008

In addition to the slew of blockbusters that have taken over the multiplexes for the Independence Day holiday, the critically praised The Wackness , starring Ben Kingsley and Josh Peck, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivia Thirlby...

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Kingsley Relates Blockbusters To Roman Times

3rd July 2008

SIR BEN KINGSLEY jumped at the chance to star in summer blockbuster film THE LOVE GURU - because seasonal movies remind him of ancient Roman times. The 64-year-old actor has already signed on to star...

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Kingsley's Wackness Wins Film Festival Prize

3rd July 2008

SIR BEN KINGSLEY's new movie THE WACKNESS has claimed the top audience award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The coming-of-age drama previously picked up the Best Drama honour at the Sundance Film Festival in...

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Kingsley Taught Pot Smoking For Movie

30th June 2008

Veteran actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY had to be shown how to smoke pot for his role in forthcoming film THE WACKNESS. The Oscar-winner stars as a marijuana-addicted therapist in the movie - and had to...

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Kingsley Blames Movie Bosses For Troubled Young Stars

30th June 2008

Veteran actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has hit out at movie bosses for hiring young actresses for their looks - insisting pretty but untalented stars often dabble in drink and drugs. The Oscar-winner insists that producers...

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The Things They Say 8738

30th June 2008

"I have my own drug. It's called acting. I get completely stoned on it." SIR BEN KINGSLEY sees no need to abuse drugs or alcohol....

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Olsen Comfortable With Kingsley Clinch

29th June 2008

MARY-KATE OLSEN has spoken for the first time about her on-screen kiss with SIR BEN KINGSLEY in upcoming movie THE WACKNESS. The 22-year-old - who had to kiss the 64-year-old for her role in the...

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New Hollywood 'Star' Names Unveiled

20th June 2008

CAMERON DIAZ, ROBERT DOWNEY JR., HUGH JACKMAN, SHAKIRA, SIR BEN KINGSLEY and husband-and-wife team WILLIAM H. MACY and FELICITY HUFFMAN are among a glittering list of names who will be awarded stars on the Hollywood...

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The Things They Say 8586

14th June 2008

"I love England... You think you're being totally ignored by your fellow countrymen, nobody knows you... but at the other end of the scale there's the sword on the shoulder and that provides the perfect...

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Kingsley 'Scared' Of His Own Face

8th April 2008

Actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY was so terrified by his character in SEXY BEAST, he became scared to look at his own face. The star, who played psychopathic villain Don Logan in the 2000 movie, admits...

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Fascinating Fact 5057

21st March 2008

HILARY DUFF is set to play a Russian pop star in the upcoming movie WAR, INC. She will join a host of stars including JOHN CUSACK, JOAN CUSACK, MARISA TOMEI, and BEN KINGSLEY in action...

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Three More To Join Dicaprio And Scorsese On Shutter Island

26th February 2008

The cast for Martin Scorsese's upcoming drama Shutter Island has swelled, as three new additions have been confirmed.Already starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Sir Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams and Patricia Clarkson, the film is to...

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There Will Be Blood Favourite For Golden Bear Film In Berlin

16th February 2008

Oscar favourite There Will Be Blood and British film Happy-Go-Lucky are amongst the contenders for the main prize at the Berlin Film Festival.The Golden Bear award will be awarded on Saturday evening and is traditionally...

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Frozen River And Trouble The Water Win At Sundance

27th January 2008

A film about illegal immigration into the US and another on the aftermath of hurricane Katrina have emerged as the big winners of the Sundance film festival.Frozen River, the directorial debut of Courtney Hunt, was...

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Kingsley's Knighthood Allows Him Access To Trouble Spots

17th January 2008

SIR BEN KINGSLEY uses his knighthood as a "passport" to get to the world's trouble spots and reassure locals the British aren't ignoring their plight. The actor became a 'sir' in 2001 and has always...

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Kingsley Hates Country Stink

16th January 2008

Rural life in Oxfordshire, England stinks for actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY - because he lives next door to a pig farm. The Oscar winner loves living in the picturesque Cotswolds, but he hates the smells...

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Kingsley + Ruffalo Join Dicaprio On Scorsese Movie

4th December 2007

BEN KINGSLEY and MARK RUFFALO have signed up to star alongside LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in MARTIN SCORSESE's upcoming movie SHUTTER ISLAND. DiCaprio will play a U.S. Marshall investigating the disappearance of a mental patient in the...

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Kingsley Doesn't Read His Own Press

26th November 2007

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY refuses to read newspaper articles about him, after discovering his ex-wife was cheating in the press. The Gandhi star's last marriage to Alexandra Christmann ended in 2005 after she was...

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Kingsley Slams Age Difference Critics

26th November 2007

Oscar winner SIR BEN KINGSLEY has hit out at critics of his marriage to much younger actress DANIELA BARBOSA de CARNEIRO, insisting they are equals in every way. The 63-year-old claims he and the 33-year-old...

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Kingsley Searches For Project With New Wife

26th November 2007

SIR BEN KINGSLEY is desperately searching for a movie project he can share with his new wife. The actor has set up a production company with waitress-turned-actress Daniela Barbosa de Carneiro, his fourth wife, and...

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Kingsley Denies He Demands To Be Called Sir

5th November 2007

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has played down rumours he demands to be called by his upper-class title, insisting knighthoods "should never be used on billings." The Gandhi star - who was knighted in 2002...

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The Things They Say 5931

23rd October 2007

"She's my role model, an inspiration. I know every morning, people have morning mantras - and my morning mantra is 'Gimme gimme gimme. Gimme gimme gimme' It starts my day." GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY on...

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Kingsley: 'Don't Hire Actors With Personal Problems'

22nd October 2007

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has urged film bosses to stop hiring actors with too many personal issues - because their problems hinder their big-screen performances. The Gandhi star fears actors take on roles to...

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Fascinating Fact 4018

28th September 2007

GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY is to return to biopics - he will play the Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife....

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The Things They Say 5521

7th September 2007

"Without sounding pompous, she looks like a combination of ancient Egypt and ancient Rome." SIR BEN KINGSLEY on his new wife DANIELA BARBOSA DE CAENEIRO....

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Kingsley Marries Wife Number Four

6th September 2007

Oscar-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has secretly married wife number four - a Brazilian former waitress half his age. Kingsley, 63, wed 32-year-old actress Daniela Barbosa De Carneiro in front of a handful of guests...

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Raunch Wins At The Box Office

20th August 2007

Success was an equal-opportunity employer over the weekend as the wholesome High School Musical 2 set cable records as it arrived on television (see separate item) and the raunchy comedy Superbad performed beyond analysts' expectations...

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