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Fascinating Fact 9352

22nd May 2010

GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY is to be honoured with the 2,410th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Recent Walk inductee Jerry Bruckheimer will pay tribute to his Prince of Persia: The Sands of...

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Ben Kingsley's Difficult Childhood

17th May 2010

Sir Ben Kingsley had a very difficult relationship with his mother.The Oscar-wining actor admits it was hard growing up in his family because his mum - who recently died at the age of 96 -...

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Gemma And Jake In Sands Of No Time

10th May 2010

Gemma Arterton didn't get to hang out with Jake Gyllenhaal while making 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time' - because he was always in the gym. The 24-year-old actress - who plays Princess Tamina in...

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Martin Scorsese's 3-D Kids Film

14th April 2010

Martin Scorsese is to film 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' in 3-D. The Oscar-winning director will shoot the movie, based on Brian Selznick's children's book of the same name, in London from June, according to...

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Sandal Ban

21st February 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn't wear sandals in 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time'.The 29-year-old actor admits he didn't want the fantasy adventure to be perceived as a "swords and sandals epic" and did his best to...

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Action Hero Jake Gyllenhaal

18th February 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to be Hollywood's next action hero. The 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time' star, who has played action roles in 'Jarhead' and 'The Day After Tomorrow', admits he wants to become known...

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Kingsley Takes On Story Of Taj Mahal

25th November 2009

GANDHI star SIR BEN KINGSLEY will travel back in time to delve deeper into Indian history - he's set to portray the emperor who built the Taj Mahal.The Oscar-winning actor has signed to play Shah...

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Kingsley Honoured At European Film Festival

9th November 2009

Oscar winner SIR BEN KINGSLEY has been feted for his long-running career at the 2009 European Film Festival in Seville, Spain.The British actor, 65, was presented with the prestigious Giraldillo de Oro, a golden replica...

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The Things They Say 12751

29th June 2009

"From a certain angle it kind of looks like BEN KINGSLEY." Moviemaker JUDD APATOW on his distinguished penis.

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Judd Apatow Bad In Bed

18th June 2009

Judd Apatow says he is a terrible lover.The '40-Year-Old Virgin' director admits his first sexual experience was a disappointment and his performance in the bedroom hasn't improved much since.He said: "I said to the girl...

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Cruz Baffled By Kingsley's Title

9th April 2009

PENELOPE CRUZ had trouble talking to her ELEGY co-star SIR BEN KINGSLEY - because she had no idea how to address him. The Spanish actress admits she was confused when she first began filming the 2008...

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Hartnett Under Observation For Stomach Pains At La Hospital

31st March 2009

Actor Josh Hartnett remained in hospital last night after he was rushed into a Los Angeles clinic with gastrointestinal problems early yesterday morning. The Pearl Harbour star, who spent several months last year in the...

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Prince Of Persia Poster To Get First Showing During Shopaholic Film

26th January 2009

The film poster for JAKE GYLLENHAAL's latest project will get its first airing in upcoming comedy CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC.A PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME poster will be seen in the background of...

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Kingsley To Stick To Screen Acting

22nd January 2009

SIR BEN KINGSLEY has ruled out a return to the stage - because he feels more creatively fulfilled by acting in films. The Gandhi star was trained in classical theatre in his native England in...

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Lights Dim For Bollywood

1st December 2008

The siege in Mumbai sent shockwaves throughout India's Bollywood filmindustry located in that city, once known as Bombay. Many productions shutdown, and the website posted a report noting, "No one is inthe mood to...

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Mumbai Will Recover, Says Danny Boyle After Slumdog Win

1st December 2008

Director Danny Boyle has paid tribute to the strength of Mumbai after his new film won the top prize at the British Independent Film awards (BIFAs).Slumdog Millionaire, the story of a teenage boy from the...

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Kingsley Baffled By The English View Of Celebrity

25th August 2008

British actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY is convinced people in his native country have a love/hate relationship with celebrities. The Gandhi star insists that the public in the U.K. are extremely fickle - as they generally...

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Cruz's Penis Chomp Cut From New Move

5th August 2008

A shocking scene which appears to suggest PENELOPE CRUZ bit SIR BEN KINGSLEY's penis has been axed from the odd couple's new movie ELEGY. The pair plays lovers in the new film adaptation of author...

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Kingsley Lets Actresses Lead Love Scenes

28th July 2008

Gracious movie star SIR BEN KINGSLEY insists female co-stars take the lead whenever he's involved in a sex scene - because he doesn't want them to feel like he's molesting them. The Oscar winner breaks...

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Movie Reviews: The Wackness

8th July 2008

In addition to the slew of blockbusters that have taken over the multiplexes for the Independence Day holiday, the critically praised The Wackness , starring Ben Kingsley and Josh Peck, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivia Thirlby...

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Kingsley Relates Blockbusters To Roman Times

3rd July 2008

SIR BEN KINGSLEY jumped at the chance to star in summer blockbuster film THE LOVE GURU - because seasonal movies remind him of ancient Roman times. The 64-year-old actor has already signed on to star...

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Kingsley's Wackness Wins Film Festival Prize

3rd July 2008

SIR BEN KINGSLEY's new movie THE WACKNESS has claimed the top audience award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The coming-of-age drama previously picked up the Best Drama honour at the Sundance Film Festival in...

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Kingsley Taught Pot Smoking For Movie

30th June 2008

Veteran actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY had to be shown how to smoke pot for his role in forthcoming film THE WACKNESS. The Oscar-winner stars as a marijuana-addicted therapist in the movie - and had to...

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Kingsley Blames Movie Bosses For Troubled Young Stars

30th June 2008

Veteran actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has hit out at movie bosses for hiring young actresses for their looks - insisting pretty but untalented stars often dabble in drink and drugs. The Oscar-winner insists that producers...

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The Things They Say 8738

30th June 2008

"I have my own drug. It's called acting. I get completely stoned on it." SIR BEN KINGSLEY sees no need to abuse drugs or alcohol....

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Olsen Comfortable With Kingsley Clinch

29th June 2008

MARY-KATE OLSEN has spoken for the first time about her on-screen kiss with SIR BEN KINGSLEY in upcoming movie THE WACKNESS. The 22-year-old - who had to kiss the 64-year-old for her role in the...

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New Hollywood 'Star' Names Unveiled

20th June 2008

CAMERON DIAZ, ROBERT DOWNEY JR., HUGH JACKMAN, SHAKIRA, SIR BEN KINGSLEY and husband-and-wife team WILLIAM H. MACY and FELICITY HUFFMAN are among a glittering list of names who will be awarded stars on the Hollywood...

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The Things They Say 8586

14th June 2008

"I love England... You think you're being totally ignored by your fellow countrymen, nobody knows you... but at the other end of the scale there's the sword on the shoulder and that provides the perfect...

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Kingsley 'Scared' Of His Own Face

8th April 2008

Actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY was so terrified by his character in SEXY BEAST, he became scared to look at his own face. The star, who played psychopathic villain Don Logan in the 2000 movie, admits...

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Fascinating Fact 5057

21st March 2008

HILARY DUFF is set to play a Russian pop star in the upcoming movie WAR, INC. She will join a host of stars including JOHN CUSACK, JOAN CUSACK, MARISA TOMEI, and BEN KINGSLEY in action...

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