The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company held it’s 34th annual ‘Free Cone Day’ yesterday (April 9, 2013), in which it pledges to dish out a free scoop of ice cream to ice cream lovers across the world. It was such a popular concept, that Ben & Jerry’s fans caused the website to crash, in their eagerness to find out where the nearest participating store was.

A spokeswoman for the company revealed that the site had crashed because of “heavy traffic.” They’ve given away free scoops of ice cream as an anniversary celebration since 1979. The company expected to give out more than one million scoops of ice cream yesterday. The site’s back up and running now but frankly, if you’ve left it this long to check where your nearest store is, then you’ve missed out. If you want a scoop of frozen dairy goodness now, you’re simply going to have to pay for it, the old fashioned way.

There were 650 stores joining in the special giveaway, across 20 different countries. the giveaway wasn’t restricted to cones, either; they also gave out cps of ice cream. We’re currently trying to imagine what 1 million scoops of ice cream would actually look like and frankly, we’re feeling a bit ill.

Jerry GreenfieldJerry Greenfield At Ben & Jerry's Sundae On The Common, Clapham Common, London