Clive Dunn, who played Lance Corporal Jack Jones in the well loved BBC sitcom 'Dad's Army' has died in Portugal after suffering a short illness and undergoing an operation, at the age of 92. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and his grandchildren. 

Dunn was born in January of 1920 to actor-parents, the showbiz gene was firmly in his blood and he actively pursued acting making a name for himself during the '30s, until he was called up to serve in World War II. He was in the 4th Queen's Own Hussars in Greece but was captured and subsequently spent four years as a prisoner of war in Austria, according to the Guardian. It was perhaps the sufferances he endured during the war that informed his socialist political view points (that the Guardian reports to have been a bone of contention between Dunn and Dad's Army co-star Arthur Lowe), and also which made him such an excellent character in Dad's Army. He married Priscilla Morgan in 1959, with whom he was married for the rest of his life. He also spent the final 30 years of his life living in Portugal with his wife, where he spent his time painting portraits, and landscapes of the beautiful scenery.

Dunn's manager gave a statement saying Dunn's death is "a real loss to the acting profession," adding, "He had been a star since the mid-1930s. He was a young man playing old men even when he was young." 

Take a look at Clive Dunn's best bits as Lance Corporal Jack Jones below: