After winning huge acclaim with his first film, time-travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed in 2012, filmmaker Colin Trevorrow made the enormous leap to Jurassic World. And that film's blockbuster success put him in line to direct Star Wars: Episode IX. But for Trevorrow, it was important to squeeze another smaller project in between, namely The Book of Henry.

Colin on the set of The Book Of HenryColin on the set of The Book Of Henry

The film crisscrosses between various genres, from family drama to creepy thriller, as it follows a single mother (Naomi Watts) and her two sons, one of whom is a prodigy. Trevorrow enjoyed shooting the project quickly between two of the biggest movies in history.

"I had to do it right after Jurassic World if it was going to get done," Trevorrow says. "I shot it in November of 2015 after that film came out. I was able to work on it last summer and then set it aside a little bit so I could work on Jurassic World 2. That script had to be delivered for a February shoot, and we had to think of Star Wars somewhat simultaneously!"

The Book of Henry is based on a script that has been making the rounds for some 20 years. "I was kind of surprised that it wasn't based on an actual book," Trevorrow says. "It kind of broke all the rules that we're taught in filmmaking school, so I just had to do it. Whether it was a good idea or not. Also, it's about how our reactions to life's worst parts define us. I believe that we have a responsibility to take care of each other and that the best of us inspires others and guides them through the darkness. It was very important to me to make a movie like this now because we're living in very divided times."

Colin on the set of The Book Of HenryColin on the set of The Book Of Henry

The filmmaker admits that making this smaller movie was in some ways harder than making a blockbuster. "It's much easier to deal with a $200 million budget and steak and lobster for lunch than it is to find the kinds of emotions that this movie deals with," he says. "Not all mythic stories have to span kingdoms and galaxies!"

And with The Book of Henry finished, Trevorrow says that Episode IX now has all of his attention. "I'm focusing 110 percent on Star Wars, arguably for the rest of my life," he laughs. "It changes people, making these movies. We'll see how I am after this. I kind of warned my family that I may just walk the Earth for a while."

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