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Liv Tyler Would Consider Posing For Playboy

17th July 2014

Liv Tyler would consider posing for 'Playboy'.The 37-year-old actress would be happy to follow in the footsteps of her mother Bebe Buell - who was Playmate of the Month in November 1974 - so long...

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Liv Tyler Has Solid And Healthy Relationship With Son Milo

17th July 2013

Liv Tyler's relationship with her son is the most ''healthy'' she has ever had with a man. The 36-year-old actress - mother to nine-year-old Milo with ex-husband Royston Langdon - enjoys the ''solid'' relationship she...

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Steven Tyler Wore Fake Beard To Disney World

29th October 2012

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler used to wear a fake beard to Disney World so his fans wouldn't recognise him.The 'Lover Alot' singer's 23-year-old daughter Chelsea - who Steven had with his second wife, clothing designer...

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Bebe Buell Allegedly Attacked Steven Tyler's Lover In Jealous Rage

13th August 2012

Steven Tyler's former lover Bebe Buell allegedly attacked legendary New York Dj Carol Miller upon learning the two were having an affair.The radio personality began sleeping with the Aerosmith rocker in 1977, and she reveals...

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Bebe Buell Attacks Biographer Over Bowie/jagger Orgy Story

11th July 2012

Actress Liv Tyler's former rock chick mum Bebe Buell has taken aim at biographer Christopher Andersen for suggesting she took part in orgies with Mick Jagger and David Bowie in his new book.In an excerpt...

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Liv Tyler Overcame Childhood Difficulties

3rd February 2012

Liv Tyler went through a lot of "difficult things" as a child.The 34-year-old actress - who was raised alternately by her model-and-singer mother Bebe Buell, aunt and grandmother, before discovering she was the daughter of...

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Liv Tyler Likes Dad's Fiancee 'Very Much'

23rd January 2012

Liv Tyler likes he father Stephen Tyler's fiancee "very much".The actress is thrilled her rocker dad is going to marry Erin Brady - an executive for Clear Channel - and she can't wait for the...

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Liv Tyler Influenced Grandmother's Style

10th January 2012

Liv Tyler's mother and grandmother have had the biggest influence on her style. The 'Lord of the Rings' actress relies on both women for advice and revealed they have shown her accentuate her best assets.She...

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Steven Tyler's Fiancee Wouldn't Tolerate Cheating

3rd January 2012

Steven Tyler's fiancee warned she would be unfaithful if he ever cheated on her.The Aerosmith rocker - who has finally confirmed speculation he is to wed Erin Brady - has a famously wild past but...

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Steven Tyler Set For Third Marriage

28th December 2011

Steven Tyler is reportedly set to marry for a third time. The Aerosmith singer's long-term partner Erin Brady has been spotted wearing an engagement ring, speaking speculation Steven proposed over the Christmas break. The 63-year-old...

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Liv Tyler's Mother Wants To Help Lindsay Lohan

7th October 2011

Liv Tyler's mother wants to take care of Lindsay Lohan for a year.Bebe Buell wants to help the troubled actress - whose career has floundered amid many legal problems and stints in rehab - turn...

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Liv Tyler Is New Face Of Pantene

4th October 2011

Liv Tyler has been announced as the new spokesperson for Pantene. The 'Lord of the Rings' actress - who has been the face of Givenchy since 2003 - will front the campaign for the hair...

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Liv Tyler Looking To Define Life

11th July 2011

Liv Tyler is trying to "define" what she wants from life.The 33-year-old model-and-actress - who learned Aerosmith's Steven Tyler was her father when she was eight years old, after believing her dad to be Todd...

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Steven Tyler Has Huge Penis

9th May 2011

Steven Tyler has one of the biggest penises in rock, according to musician Steven Adler.The former Guns N' Roses drummer claims the Aerosmith frontman has a very impressive manhood which would leave most men feeling...

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Bebe Buell Signs New Deal With Dio's Widow

23rd February 2011

LIV TYLER's mum BEBE BUELL has signed a major new management deal with rocker RONNIE JAMES DIO's widow.Wendy Dio has signed the singer/songwriter to her Niji Management. Dio tells WENN, "I went to New York...

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Liv Tyler Warned To Be Wary Of Men

21st February 2011

Liv Tyler's mother warned her to be wary of men from a young age. The actress - the daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell - insists her mum was never anti-men...

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Liv Tyler's Stylish Dad

5th August 2010

Liv Tyler gets beauty advice from her rock star father. The actress - daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell - admits her dad is her style guru and he is often...

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Says Rehab Was For Foot Injury

30th May 2008

Steven Tyler has explained that his admission to a rehabilitation facility earlier this month was on doctor's orders after foot operations.The Aerosmith frontman was renowned for his substance abuse in the 1970s, with he and...

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Tyler Had Nothing To Rebel Against

7th July 2007

Actress LIV TYLER insists the reason she's so level-headed is because her parents, rocker STEVEN TYLER and model BEBE BUELL, were so wild. The Lord Of The Rings star grew up thinking her surrogate father,...

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The Things They Say 5031

30th June 2007

"My mom would drive me to school in a little blue Volkswagen Bug in the morning in her nightgown... I'd get out and be so embarrassed, and she'd honk at me and go, `Bye, honey!'...

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Tyler Maintained Relationship With Two Fathers

8th February 2007

LIZ TYLER was thrilled when she found out AEROSMITH rocker STEVEN TYLER was her biological father, but was determined to make sure her relationship with adopted father TODD RUNDGREN didn't fall apart. THE LORD OF...

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Steven Tyler Splits From Wife

21st February 2005

AEROSMITH rocker STEVEN TYLER has split from TERESA, his wife of 17 years. The singer announced the news yesterday (20FEB05) in a statement from the band's publicist MITCH SCHNEIDER, and asked for the...

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It's A Boy For Liv Tyler

15th December 2004

LORD OF THE RINGS beauty LIV TYLER is a first-time mother, after giving birth to a boy early yesterday morning (14DEC04). The baby, who has yet to be named, was born at 4:11am at...

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Ramone Remembered

20th April 2004

Dearly departed punk icon JOEY RAMONE is to be remembered at a 19 May (04) concert at New York's IRVING PLAZA. The fourth annual LIFE'S A GAS show will feature performances by the ALKALINE...

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Todd Rundgren Still Calls Liv His Daughter

5th April 2004

TODD RUNDGREN always knew AEROSMITH singer STEVEN TYLER was the real father of his surrogate daughter LIV TYLER, but decided to raise her as his own because her parents were "children themselves". The veteran...

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Bebe Buell Publishes Rock Manners Guide

11th September 2003

Rock groupie BEBE BUELL has started work on a new book - and promises to offer advice on how to deal with rock'n'roll situations. The tome THE BOOK OF ROCK'N'ROLL ETIQUETTE, is the second...

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Liv Gets Married Again

25th April 2003

LIV TYLER today (25APR03) celebrated her wedding to British singer ROYSTON LANGDON - by marrying him again in New York. The couple married in secret in the Caribbean earlier this month (APR03). Tyler's...

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Liv.s Secret Wedding Angers Parents

11th April 2003

Actress LIV TYLER's parents BEBE BUELL and STEVEN TYLER were not invited to her Caribbean wedding to rocker ROYSTON LANGDON (25MAR03). AEROSMITH singer Steven and artist Bebe are said to be distraught at the...

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