Frank Bank from the American sitcom 'Leave it to Beaver' has passed away at the age of 71 from causes as yet unreported.

The actor played the character of 16-year-old Clarence 'Lumpy' Rutherford in the 50s/ 60s show alongside Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers. Lumpy was the best friend of 'Beaver' Cleaver's brother Wally and was usually portrayed as a bully with very little brains and an excessive attachment to his father who he still calls 'daddy'. Bank passed away on April 13th 2013 in his hometown of Los Angeles, California and is survived by his wife Rebecca, their four daughters and five grandchildren.

Among his other TV acting roles were appearances in 'Ford Television Theatre', 'Bachelor Father' and a reprisal of Lumpy in 'Still the Beaver' in 1983. He also played a young Will Rogers in the 1952 film 'The Story of Will Rogers'. He retired from acting in the 70s and became a bond broker in Los Angeles before his 'Still the Beaver' reprisal. He has also published an autobiography with the lengthy title of 'Call Me Lumpy: My Leave it to Beaver Days and Other Wild Hollywood Life' which came out in 2007.