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Bruce Willis Makes Mabel Ray 'Crack Up' With Laughter

10th May 2012

Bruce Willis has been making his one-month-old daughter ''crack up'' with laughter.The 'Die Hard' actor has been making Mabel Ray chuckle, and the 57-year-old star's wife, model Emma Heming, has taken to twitter to reveal...

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Lady Gaga Goes Make-up Free

27th March 2012

Lady Gaga has shown the world what she looks like with no make-up.The 'Born this Way' singer posted a photograph of herself on her twitter page without her trademark war paint or flamboyant clothes to...

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Ricky Martin Axed Gig For Love

9th March 2012

Ricky Martin once cancelled a gig to go on a date.The 'Livin La Vida Loca' hitmaker - who has been with partner Carlos Gonzalez Abella for four years - admitted it was very ''expensive'' to...

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The Fray's Album Inspired By Lethal Weapon

7th March 2012

The Fray got the idea to call their latest album 'Scars & Stories' after watching 'Lethal Weapon 3'.The 'How to Save a Life' hitmakers came to the decision that blemishes are ''sexy'' after watching the...

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Katy Perry Launches False Eyelash Range

23rd February 2012

Katy Perry launched her new range of false eyelashes yesterday (22.02.12). The 'Firework' hitmaker arrived at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, California, in a classic blue convertible with matching blue dress, shoes and hair...

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Bono's Singing Lessons From David Bowie

23rd November 2010

David Bowie showed Bono how to sing beyond his "man" voice, and add a feminine touch to his vocals. The U2 frontman has spoken about his love of the 'Life on Mars' hitmaker, and how...

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George Michael Delighted To Leave Jail

11th October 2010

George Michael wants to "start again" after being released from jail.The 'Freedom' singer left Highpoint Prison in Suffolk, East England, this morning (11.10.10) for driving under the influence of drugs and possession of cannabis and...

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Bono Urges Politicians To Cancel World Debt

28th January 2007

U2 frontman BONO has urged world governments to keep their promise to cancel third world debt. The campaigning rocker is concerned that politicians aren't sticking to the G8 agreement to double African aid to...

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U2 Rubbish 'False Gig' Reports

23rd January 2007

Irish rockers U2 have rubbished reports they are to embark on a series of live shows later this year (07), after false advertisements for the dates appeared in the British press. The BEAUTIFUL DAY rockers...

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The Verve: 'Saddest Song'

11th December 2006

THE VERVE's hit THE DRUGS DON'T WORK is the saddest song to listen to, according to British research. DOCTOR HARRY WITCHEL from the University of Bristol Medical School monitored volunteers' heart rates to see which...

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U2 Switch Labels To Mercury

9th October 2006

Irish rockers U2 have sensationally ended their 27-year relationship with Island Records in advance of their upcoming Greatest Hits Collection. Media reports hint the move to Mercury may be prompted by its new president, JASON...

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Dubliners Protest Against Proposed U2 Tower

9th August 2006

Irish rockers U2's plans to build a 31-floor tower in Dublin have been met with protests from locals, who fear it will be a "monstrosity". The BEAUTIFUL DAY hitmakers have recently been granted permission to...

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U2 Announce Rearranged Tour Dates

21st July 2006

Irish rockers U2 have rearranged their Vertigo tour dates in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand and Japan which were cancelled in March (06) after a member of guitarist THE EDGE's family fell ill. The BEAUTIFUL DAY...

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Bono Makes Surprise Appearance For Jean

29th May 2006

U2 frontman Bono thrilled guests at a ball hosted by WYCLEF JEAN in Monte Carlo by joining the rapper onstage unannounced. Jean was hosting the annual Monaco Grand Prix Ball on Saturday (27MAY06) when...

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Bono Feared Charity Work Would Destroy U2

2nd January 2006

Rocker BONO feared he would be kicked out of U2 because of his obsession with curing poverty in the developing world. The Irish singer has used his position as frontman of one of the...

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The Things They Say 888

20th December 2005

"I love that song. I wish I'd written it, and they know that I'd wish I'd written it. It makes me dance. It makes me angry that I didn't write it." MICHAEL STIPE is a...

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U2 Top Touring Earners Of 2005

14th December 2005

Irish rockers U2 are the top earning touring band or artist this year (05), according to a chart compiled by US magazine Billboard. The BEAUTIFUL DAY hitmakers grossed $260 million (GBP144.4 million) and attracted...

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U2 To Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

9th December 2005

Irish supergroup U2 are planning to take time out of the Australian leg of their Vertigo World Tour next year (06), to climb Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge. The BEAUTIFUL DAY rockers will don grey...

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Bandmates Demand Bono Kicks Coffee

20th October 2005

U2 star BONO has been slapped with a no-coffee rule by his bandmates when they're working on new material, because he becomes difficult to deal with when he's consumed caffeine. The Irish rocker accepts...

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Bono Goes Classical

19th October 2005

U2 frontman BONO is planning to swap rock for classical music after bidding for a massive catalogue of orchestral music. The BEAUTIFUL DAY rocker's private equity firm Elevation Partners is offering $234 million (GBP130...

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Bono's Wife: 'I Feared I'd Lose My Husband'

8th September 2005

The wife of Irish rock legend BONO always feared his band's success would split up their marriage. The U2 frontman met his future spouse ALI HEWSON when he was just 13, but when the...

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Bloom Blown Away By U2 Experience

12th April 2005

Screen heart-throb ORLANDO BLOOM is a huge fan of Irish rockers U2 after seeing them perform on their VERTIGO world tour - and he was deeply touched by frontman BONO's humanitarian message. The PIRATES...

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U2 Refuses To 'Endorse' Blair

14th February 2005

Irish rockers U2 have moved to distance themselves from British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR - after one of their hits was played during his LABOUR PARTY's spring conference. The Labour leader strode out onto...

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Bono Takes Aid Cause To Republicans

2nd September 2004

U2 frontman BONO has appealed to American Republicans to tackle the AIDS crisis in Africa if they win a second term at the November (04) elections. The BEAUTIFUL DAY rocker spoke to FOX NEWS...

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New U2 Record Reflects Edge's Anger At Bono

8th October 2003

U2 guitarist THE EDGE plays so well on the band's new album because he is frustrated at bandmate BONO's charity work, according to the singer himself. The BEAUTIFUL DAY axeman is angry Bono's high-profile...

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U2 Lead Legal Downloads

8th May 2003

U2 have been crowned the kings of legal Internet downloading after their hits were snapped up by fans checking out the first week of computer giants APPLE's new cyber jukebox. Apple boffins have been...

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