'Battleship' Rescues Taylor Kitsch After 'John Carter' Nightmare

Canadian actor and former Diesel underwear model Taylor Kitsch has held on to his credibility by the tips of his fingers after the dud movie that was Disney's 'John Carter' made a loss of some $200 million.

The 31-year-old stars as Lieutenant Alex Hopper in the sci-fi thriller 'Battleship' alongside Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and pop superstar Rihanna. The $211 million budget film premiered in Europe earlier this month and has already earned a massive $250 million. His character has been described by co-chairman of Universal Donna Langley as 'being misunderstood' and going 'from antihero to hero'. "He's exceptionally good at that', she said, adding, "Showing innate vulnerability like he's a diamond in the rough, but still rough around the edges". 'Battleship' director Peter Berg, who is also looking to cast Kitsch in his upcoming Navy action movie 'Lone Survivor', explains "That's kind of who Taylor is. I buy him as the guy that's going to make the wrong decisions, be impulsive and have anger-management issues - but never out of malice"

Berg helped Kitsch rise to stardom by casting him as ladies' man Tim Riggins in his football TV drama 'Friday Night Lights'. The breakthrough ultimately landed Kitsch the lead role in 'John Carter' and the upcoming Oliver Stone drug thriller 'Savages' which is due for release in July.

Stone expressed his sympathy for Kitsch's struggle after John Carter's box office defeat. "I felt sorry for the guy", he told the Los Angeles Times, adding, "Because I knew he was in this mega-expensive movie, but I still think he's gonna grow into a major movie star".


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It is so DISCOURAGING to hear words "Dud", "Failure" "Flop" about John Carter. There are so many people who are so passionate about the movie. I saw it 9 times. I know one online friend who has seen it 25 times and people are ordering multiple Blu-rays and DVDs, one to keep and some to give away or lend out to get people to love the movie. AND for many of us John Carter fans, even though Battleship is based on a board game instead of a magical 100 year old Sci-fi fantasy romance, we've decided to give Battleship a chance though it was not exactly something we were warmed up for JUST BECAUSE of Taylor Kitsch and Peter Berg. I'm still GLAD that Battleship is going beyond expectations. Just like with John Carter, there were articles saying it was "tracking soft" and that it would fail. But what did Universal do that Disney didn't with the SAME KIND of buzz? When the movie tracked soft, Universal got Taylor Kitsch on Jay Leno, Ellen, and Jimmy Fallon. When JCM tracked soft, Disney didn't. When Asylum, a low budget company that puts out ripoffs of major movies to take away viewership from the theatrical movies, put out "American Battleship", Universal and Peter Berg sued. Asylum has retitled their shlock version of " A Princess of Mars" "John Carter of Mars" so people who skipped it in the theatres will think that the abysmal version with Antonio Sabato Jr and Traci Lords IS the financial flop everyone has been talking about and they will go on and tell everyone that the movie deserved to fail at the boxoffice. In fact, on Netflix already, one of the reviews is clearly about the Asylum version! While the Asylum version will show on SyFy tomorrow, Saturday, all ads (and I suspect because of Universals lawsuit) for what is now entitled "American WARSHIPS" instead of "American BATTLESHIP" are followed with ads for "Battleship" in theatres so the difference is clear AND SyFy's new show "Dream Machines" concluded its first season with them taking a full hour making for Peter Berg a vehicle that was a real-life "Shredder". Disney allegedly spent $100 million on promotion for John Carter, but we sure didn't see them putting loads of ads on SyFy when SyFy showed the lousy "A Princess of Mars" the same weekend the movie opened! Congratulations to Taylor Kitsch, Peter Berg, and Battleship! We, the John Carter fans will support Taylor Kitsch and help make him a major "name" and I hope the payoff will be that his emerging popularity will cause Disney to want Kitsch back for a second and third installment in the John Carter franchise!
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