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Christian Bale Won’T Join Up With Justice League – His Time As Batman Is Over

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd July 2013

Not even Christian Bale envisaged just how popular his turn as Batman would be; the Dark Knight Trilogy was easily the best comic book film series of all time, and paved the way for loads...

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Henry Cavill: The Justice League Movie "Needs Building Up"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 26th June 2013

The Justice League (DC's version of Marvel's Avengers) movie will not, speculating from what Henry Cavill said in a recent interview, be in cinemas in the near future. Should such a film be made...

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Batman Prequel Arkham Origins To Go Darker Than Before

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th May 2013

If the Batman trilogy can go any darker, the creative minds behind the hugely popular Arkham videogames will be able to achieve it. With the winged hero already making the smooth transition from big screen...

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'Batman: Arkham Origins' Features Bane And The Joker

By Michael West | 20th May 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins captures a "rawer, scarier Batman" more akin to Christopher Nolan's movie franchise than previous games in the series. The new game - set for release on October 25 - is set five...

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New Batman Mythology: Dc Go Deeper Into Bruce Wayne's Past

By Michael West | 11th March 2013

New Batman mythology is to be drawn up by DC Entertainment to add key elements to the superhero's transformative years. Though the murder of Wayne's parents will remain the same, DC will elaborate on how...

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Bradford Batman Forced To Defend His Bat-gut, He Wore A Tracksuit, Ok?

By Hayley Avron | 5th March 2013

Well, we never knew that Batman was so body-conscious until today… A man in Bradford, Yorkshire, who handed a criminal over to the police whilst dressed up as Batman has now been forced to defend...

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Batman Arrests Criminal In Bradford!

By Contributor | 4th March 2013

Batman might have his hands full with the likes of Bane and The Joker a lot of the time, foiling their intended paths of destruction, but don’t think for a second that the caped crusader...

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'Bang! Pow! Boom!' Batmobile Sells For $4.62m, Its New Home Is In The Living Room

By Lorna Greville  | 20th January 2013

The first ever Batmobile, specially customised for the iconic 1960s TV show, has been sold in an auction for an enormous $4.62m. Hollywood's best car customiser, George Barris, was commissioned to make the Batmobile. After...

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Pictures: The Hollywood Christmas Parade Benefiting Marine Toys For Tots

By Contributor | 26th November 2012

Elmo putting recent troubles behind him and enjoying the Hollywood Christmas ParadeWe all love a good Christmas parade round this time of year, but it should come as no surprise that when it comes to...

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Dc Comics Make E-book Debut

By Lorna Greville  | 8th November 2012

Due to technological and formatting constraints of the kindle and other e-readers over the past few years, animated publications have rarely been seen on any kind of electronic reading device. However, that's all changing with...

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Batman Charged And Facing Felony Charges

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th October 2012

You heard it right: Batman charged. The Batman’s perennial struggle with morality and the law continues as Michigan State Police arrest the controversial enforcer, reports The Petoskey News.We jest, of course; it was in fact...

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