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Zooey Deschanel To Reprise Simpsons Role

4th May 2012

Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman will make guest appearances in a forthcoming 'The Simpsons' episode.The 'New Girl' actress will reprise her role as Mary Spuckler - the daughter of Cleetus who Bart Simpson came close...

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Daniel Radcliffe Wins Prestigious Entertainer Of The Year

7th December 2011

Daniel Radcliffe has won Entertainment Weekly's prestigious 'Entertainer Of The Year' award, joining an illustrious list of previous winners including Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington and Leonardo Di Caprio among many others. The inaugural winner of...

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Halle Berry To Appear In The Simpsons

10th February 2011

Halle Berry is to make a guest appearance in 'The Simpsons'.The actress has provided her voice for an Oscar-themed episode of the animated show, in which a cartoon version of herself will wear the famous...

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Most Searched Cheryl Cole

27th March 2010

Cheryl Cole is the celebrity most searched for on mobile phones.The Girls Aloud singer has been named as the personality most searched for by people playing on the internet on their telephone handsets, and her...

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Scientologists Call On Bart Simpson For Help

3rd February 2009

The voice of BART SIMPSON has been used to promote Scientology in New York. Nancy Cartwright, who provides Barts voice on The Simpsons, agreed to help boost attendance at a Scientology event on Saturday (31Jan09) by...

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Nancy 'Bart Simpson' Cartwright Gives $10 Million To Scientology

30th January 2008

Actress NANCY CARTWRIGHT, the voice behind cartoon character BART SIMPSON, has been awarded Scientology's Patron Laureate Award after donating $10 million (GBP5 million) to the faith in 2007. Cartwright's gift - almost two times her...

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No Plans For Another Simpsons Movie

10th September 2007

Although the 19th season of The Simpsons will reportedly open on September 23 with Bart Simpson writing "I will not wait 20 years to make another movie" on a blackboard, no sequel to The Simpsons...

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Fascinating Fact 2568

7th December 2006

MEG RYAN will lend her voice to BART SIMPSON's therapist in an episode of cult cartoon show THE SIMPSONS, which will debut in America in March (07)....

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Grammer Wins Emmy For Simpsons

20th July 2006

KELSEY GRAMMER picked up his fifth Emmy on Wednesday (19JUL06) when he was honoured for Outstanding Voiceover Performance for THE SIMPSONS. Grammer's voice work for BART SIMPSON's nemesis SIDESHOW BOB on the animated comedy was...

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British Rock School Star Lands Big Money Record Deal

13th July 2006

ROCK SCHOOL contestant CHRIS HARDMAN has landed a GBP500,000 ($900,000) record deal with RCA aged just 15. The singer/guitarist was chosen by KISS legend GENE SIMMONS as the frontman for the band he created from...

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Wolverine Is Top Franchise Star

6th June 2006

X-MEN's violent mutant WOLVERINE has topped a poll of fictional power players, beating off stiff competition from boy wizard HARRY POTTER and comic book-hero-turned-movie icon SPIDER-MAN. The survey, conducted by Entertainment Weekly, sees HUGH JACKMAN's...

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Bart Simpson Is Elected Mayor

19th May 2005

THE SIMPSONS star NANCY CARTWRIGHT has been elected mayor of Northridge in Los Angeles. Cartwright, who voices tearaway child BART SIMPSON in the cartoon series, is determined to make her mark following her election...

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The Simpsons Star To Make London Stage Debut

1st April 2005

THE SIMPSONS star NANCY CARTWRIGHT will make her London stage debut in May (05) in her one-woman play MY LIFE AS A TEN YEAR OLD BOY. Cartwright, who voices tearaway child BART SIMPSON in...

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Bart Tops Brat List

24th March 2005

BART SIMPSON has topped a new magazine poll of US TV brats. The colourful, backside-baring THE SIMPSONS star beat classic TV characters EDDIE HASKELL (LEAVE IT TO BEAVER), NELLIE OLESON (corr) (LITTLE HOUSE ON...

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Jackson Wanted Close Bond With Bart

23rd March 2005

Troubled MICHAEL JACKSON requested his cartoon incarnation in THE SIMPSONS spend more screen time with young character BART SIMPSON, according to creator SAM SIMON. The eccentric THRILLER singer - currently standing trial on child...

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50 Cent Raps With Bart Simpson

2nd August 2004

Hip-hop star 50 CENT will rap with BART SIMPSON in a forthcoming episode of hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS. NANCY CARTWRIGHT - who provides Bart Simpson's voice - adored working with the rapper but was...

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Harry Potter + Shrek Top Characters List

31st May 2004

HARRY POTTER and SHREK have beaten SPIDER-MAN and JAMES BOND in a new poll of Hollywood's Most Powerful Characters. The boy wizard and the record-breaking green ogre have topped the new top 10 list...

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Buffy's Back On The Simpsons

10th September 2003

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is to return to TV as a delinquent in animated hit THE SIMPSONS. The actress will play a teenager who befriends BART SIMPSON in a juvenile...

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Simpsons A Highlight For Tony Hawk

9th June 2003

Skateboarding ace TONY HAWK's career highlight is appearing on THE SIMPSONS. The sports star admits his appearance as BART SIMPSON's mentor means more to him that all the honours he's received in his career....

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