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Jack Johnson Surfs To Number One

15th February 2006

Former pro-surfer JACK JOHNSON has another surprise album hit on his hands - his CURIOUS GEORGE soundtrack has shot to the top of the US charts. The reluctant superstar's companion album to the new...

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Manilow Scores His Second Us Number One Album

9th February 2006

BARRY MANILOW has scored his second US album chart number one with a new collection of 1950s hits. The crooner's THE GREATEST SONGS OF THE FIFTIES is his eighth top ten album on the...

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Fascinating Fact 956

7th February 2006

Music mogul CLIVE DAVIS' annual pre-Grammy Awards party will be broadcast live on XM Satellite Radio's Grammy Radio station tonight (07JAN06). This year, party performers include JAMIE FOXX, KELLY CLARKSON and BARRY MANILOW....

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Manilow Owes His Career Start To Playboy

17th December 2005

BARRY MANILOW owes men's magazine Playboy for his big break in showbusiness because it was the publication's famous advice column that gave him the impetus to follow his piano-playing dreams. The crooner was in...

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Fascinating Fact 677

16th December 2005

Crooner BARRY MANILOW is going back in time by recording the hits of the 1950s. The COPACABANA singer's new album, GREATEST HITS OF THE '50S, will feature BOBBY DARIN's BEYOND THE SEA and standard YOUNG...

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Reba Heads To Vegas

12th December 2005

Country queen REBA McENTIRE is the latest star to sign up for dates in Las Vegas, Nevada, after agreeing to spend several weeks next summer (06) at the Las Vegas Hilton. The flame-haired singer...

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Manilow Fighting Fit

15th November 2005

BARRY MANILOW is back to full fitness following the heart condition that left him hospitalised, but the scare has traumatised him. The crooner suffered an atrial fibriliation that required surgery after falling ill at...

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The Things They Say 594

14th November 2005

"She is great. She deserves everything that she gets. She is a wonderful musician, as beautiful as they come and a great singer." BARRY MANILOW raves about the new 'female him' ALICIA KEYS....

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The Things They Say 502

27th October 2005

"When I met him he was 27 and I was 22, and now he's 51 and I'm 60... I don't know how he did it." BETTER MIDLER jokes about the increasing age gap between her...

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Manilow Embraces Cowell Rejects

1st March 2005

Teen triplets rejected by SIMON COWELL on AMERICAN IDOL recently have quickly gone on to bigger and better things - BARRY MANILOW has asked them to open his Las Vegas show. On Thursday (24FEB05),...

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Manilow: 'I Was Bankrupt In 1980'

24th February 2005

BARRY MANILOW has revealed he went bankrupt in 1980 after accountants pointed out mismanagement of his fortune had eaten away at his millions. The crooner kept his money worries to himself but admits he...

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Manilow To Wow Vegas

2nd December 2004

Veteran pop star BARRY MANILOW is the latest star to agree a deal to perform a mega-money Las Vegas show. The COPACABANA singer has signed a massive $60 million (GBP33 million) deal to perform...

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Ill Manilow Cancels Us Concerts

4th November 2004

Crooner BARRY MANILOW has been forced to axe three US concerts this weekend (6-7NOV04) while he recovers from severe bronchitis. The I WANNA DO IT WITH YOU star, 58, hopes the swollen airways in...

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Barry Manilow: 'I'm Still Hip'

21st October 2004

BARRY MANILOW is still cool at the age of 61 - and he has the record collection to prove it. Despite his reputation for classic covers and cheesy ballads, the veteran crooner is constantly...

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Manilow Pities Britney

21st October 2004

BARRY MANILOW can relate to the pressure BRITNEY SPEARS is under - because he has been there himself. The veteran crooner says he suffered many of the same problems as the wild child newlywed...

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Manilow Apologises To Gay Fans

14th October 2004

Crooning legend BARRY MANILOW has apologised to his gay fans after offending them at a New York concert. When the COPACABANA singer introduced his duet EVERY SINGLE DAY with BRIAN DARCY JAMES last Thursday...

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Beyonce Backing Manilow Musical

13th October 2004

BEYONCE KNOWLES has emerged as an unlikely backer for BARRY MANILOW's new musical HARMONY. The COULD IT BE MAGIC crooner has been trying to secure financial backing for the stage show for the past...

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Manilow Puts All Into Live Shows

28th September 2004

BARRY MANILOW has urged other musicians to follow his example at gigs, by giving a performance to remember. The COULD IT BE MAGIC singer insists he always tries his hardest to keep the audience...

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Manilow Is Relaxed About Fame

28th September 2004

Ageing singer BARRY MANILOW refuses to worry about his fluctuating popularity - because he's had so many ups and downs during his 30-year career that nothing bothers him any more. Manilow's latest album, ULTIMATE...

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Manilow: 'I Really Did Walk Into A Wall'

28th September 2004

Legendary crooner BARRY MANILOW has laughed off rumours he had a nose job last year (03), insisting he really did walk into a wall. The singer suffered severe bruising after stumbling half-asleep into a...

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Manilow Boosts Couple's Sex Life

16th September 2004

BARRY MANILOW worked wonders for a couple's marriage when he agreed to meet a superfan, who had promised her husband "sex on demand for the rest of his life" if she could meet her hero....

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Mcfadden Hated Westlife's Music

31st August 2004

Former WESTLIFE hunk BRIAN McFADDEN detested all the music he made with the Irish boyband. The 24-year-old complains singing endless covers and cabaret songs with the FLYING WITHOUT WINGS group made him loathe himself,...

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Prince's Paisley Park Studios Reopens

16th August 2004

PRINCE's legendary PAISLEY PARK STUDIOS in Minnesota has reopened for business. Paisley Park has largely been closed since 1996, though PURPLE RAIN rocker Prince continued to record and perform there. A...

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Will + Grace Album In The Works

21st July 2004

MADONNA, CHER, SIR ELTON JOHN and JENNIFER LOPEZ's appearance on hit comedy WILL + GRACE has inspired a new music album. TV and music bosses have teamed up to release WILL + GRACE: LET...

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Jackson's Manilow And Pendergrass Fantasies

3rd June 2004

Saucy diva JANET JACKSON had obscene sexual fantasies about R+B crooner TEDDY PENDERGRASS and veteran singer BARRY MANILOW. The FEELS SO RIGHT singer shocked fans by confessing to American gossip site PAGESIX.COM that she...

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Alanis Pokes Fun At Herself

31st May 2004

ALANIS MORISSETTE poked fun at herself during an appearance on THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW on Friday (28MAY04) by pretending she worked at diner HOOTERS in her spare time and worshipped BARRY MANILOW. The IRONIC...

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Will + Grace Hunk To Duet With Manilow

20th May 2004

WILL + GRACE heart-throb ERIC McCORMACK is poised to record a camp duet with gay icon BARRY MANILOW. The actor - who plays homosexual lawyer WILL TRUMAN - persuaded the MANDY hitmaker to appear...

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Manilow Plans Las Vegas Extravaganza

21st April 2004

BARRY MANILOW is putting on a special one-off show in American gambling capital Las Vegas this summer (04) - with a host of secret special guests. The MANDY singer has decided that rather than...

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Nia Vardalos' Manilow Memories

21st April 2004

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING star NIA VARDALOS counts BARRY MANILOW's classic hit MANDY as one of her favourite songs - because it reminds her of her first love. The Canadian screen star, married...

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Manilow Bows Out Of Judging Duties On American Idol

20th April 2004

BARRY MANILOW turned down the opportunity to judge the current finalists on AMERICAN IDOL, because he couldn't bear the thought of crushing the dreams of young hopefuls. The MANDY singer will be seen coaching...

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