Sheryl Leach, the co-creator of hit children's show Barney & Friends, has been slapped with a lawsuit relating to her son's arrest for attempted murder earlier this year (13).

Patrick Leach, 27, was busted after allegedly shooting Eric Shanks in the chest in January (13) outside the Tv star's Malibu, California home.

He was charged with the crime and subsequently freed on $1 million (£625,000) bail, but his legal troubles are continuing to mount as Shanks is now demanding compensation.

The alleged victim is suing Patrick for assault and battery, while Shanks has also named his mum Sheryl as a defendant for negligence, insisting she should have prevented her son from ever owning a gun, suggesting he suffers from violent tendencies.

Patrick, who lives with his mother, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge, according to