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Debbie Harry Loves Old Outfits

11th May 2011

Debbie Harry often wears her old stage outfits. The Blondie singer revealed she keeps her a lot of her clothes she has worn for performances over the years and especially loves the Day-Glo creations by...

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Elizabeth Hurley Worries About Lambs

18th March 2011

Elizabeth Hurley is worried her lambs are being eaten by foxes while she is in Los Angeles.The actress-and-model is currently in Los Angeles filming the pilot episode for the new 'Wonder Woman' TV series but...

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Katie Holmes Designs For 'Working Moms'

17th March 2011

Katie Holmes developed her Holmes & Yang clothing line especially for "working moms". The actress established the fashion range with her stylist Jeanne Yang and Jeanne revealed their mission when they started was to create...

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Katie Holmes Designs For 'Working Moms'.

17th March 2011

Katie Holmes developed her Holmes & Yang clothing line especially for "working moms". The actress established the fashion range with her stylist Jeanne Yang and Jeanne revealed their mission when they started was to create...

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Elizabeth Hurley Loses Sheep

14th March 2011

Elizabeth Hurley had to chase an escaped sheep on Saturday (12.03.11). The 45-year-old actress - who is well known for her love of animals, and keeps pigs, sheep and dogs on her farm in Gloucestershire,...

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Emily Blunt Wanted To Be A Boy

19th December 2010

Emily Blunt wanted to be a boy when she was younger.The 'Young Victoria' actress again plays a princess in her new movie 'Gulliver's Travels' and admits she finds it funny that she is cast in...

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Emily Blunt Was A Tomboy Child

27th November 2010

Emily Blunt was a childhood tomboy. The 'Devil Wears Prada'actress - who is renowned for her sense of style - admitted she had more boyish interests and hated being dressed in feminine clothes when she...

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Katy Perry Goes To Graceland

24th September 2010

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are enjoying a holiday in Graceland.The couple - who are due to marry in the coming weeks after a year-long relationship - have posted a number of pictures on twitter...

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Prince Of Persia Makes Solid Home Video Debut

23rd September 2010

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time , which was a disappointment at the domestic box office, where it grossed $90 million -- it cost $200 million to make-- but whose worldwide gross came to...

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Barbie: The Movie

24th September 2009

BARBIE is heading to the big screen - Universal Pictures is set to make a live-action film based around the popular blonde doll.Film bosses are convinced the picture will be a hit as the 50-year-old...

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Elvis And Priscilla Dolls Unveiled

12th August 2008

Rock and roll legend ELVIS PRESLEY and his widow PRISCILLA have been immortalised in a set of dolls created by the maker of BARBIE. The first-ever Elvis and Priscilla Presley dolls have been unveiled by...

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Chart Double For Sugababes

14th October 2007

Pop trio Sugababes have scored an impressive chart double after their new album Change went straight to number one.Their latest single About You Now meanwhile hung on to its place at the summit of the...

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Bookies Cash In After Brian's Bb Triumph

1st September 2007

Brian may have emerged 100,000 richer thanks to his Big Brother victory, but the real winners of the reality TV show's conclusion could be the country's bookmakers.Twins Sam and Amanda were red hot favourites to...

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Doherty-doll Makers Slammed

2nd April 2007

Makers of a Pete Doherty doll have been slammed by anti-drugs campaigners for glorifying illegal drug use.More Barred than Barbie, the doll of the former Libertines frontman features a charming little crack-pipe which lights up...

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Grammy Gift Bag Offers Stars Dolls, Radios + Cameras

9th February 2006

Presenters and performers at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last night (08FEB06) took home a gift bag worth $65,000 (GBP36,100). The bag was stuffed with items like a Casio Digital Camera, Escada purse,...

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Sizemore Taunts Ex With Porn Star Lover

1st July 2005

Troubled actor TOM SIZEMORE took revenge on former girlfriend HEIDI FLEISS by introducing his new lover to her live on radio. Sizemore, who is currently appealing against a 2003 conviction for assaulting Fleiss, called...

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Destiny's Child Barbies To Arrive Weeks Before Split

23rd June 2005

DESTINY'S CHILD's split announcement has left bosses at toy manufacturer MATTEL far from thrilled - because they're set to unveil a new range of BARBIE dolls modelled on the trio. SURVIVOR hitmakers BEYONCE KNOWLES,...

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Mccutcheon Horrified By British Barbie Girls

29th May 2005

LOVE ACTUALLY star MARTINE McCUTCHEON is horrified by the lengths aspiring British actresses go to in Los Angeles to get themselves film roles. The English actress spent more than three months driving around Hollywood...

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Carey's Love Of Heels Leaves Her Tiptoeing

5th April 2005

MARIAH CAREY has developed a side effect from her love of stilettos - she permanently tiptoes around. The HONEY singer, 35, has been a fan of heels since she was a little child, and...

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Rimes Is A Living Doll

18th March 2005

Country star LeANN RIMES is being immortalised for posterity as a doll thanks to toy makers MATTEL. The doll firm is making BARBIE miniatures of the CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT singer dressed in a...

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Hatcher All Alone On Valentine's Day

8th February 2005

Sexy actress TERI HATCHER will spend this Valentine's Day (14FEB05) alone - because the pal she usually spends the day with now has a boyfriend. The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star, mother of eight-year-old EMERSON,...

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Hilton Plays A Home-breaking Barbie

7th February 2005

PARIS HILTON caused disruption and upset in the doll world on Saturday night (05FEB05), when she played a home-wrecking BARBIE on an American comedy show. The hotel heiress stepped out as a 'Fashion Fever'...

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Barbie Gains New Rock Star Status

22nd October 2004

Beloved doll BARBIE has undergone yet another change of image - this time emerging as a rock star. In the curvaceous doll's 45 years of existence she has run for president of her native...

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Nelly: Britney Would Crumble Before Christina Under Pressure

17th September 2004

Rapper NELLY has dealt the ultimate blow to BRITNEY SPEARS - by citing her as more likely to end up in rehabilitation or in a mental health facility than pop rival CHRISTINA AGUILERA. The...

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Mandy + Andy Top Heartbreak List

8th August 2004

Pop star MANDY MOORE's split with tennis ace ANDY RODDICK has topped a new list of sad break-ups. The couple, who surprised celebrity gossips when they split earlier this year (04), beat JENNIFER GARNER...

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Depp: My Life Was Wasted Before I Had Kids

4th August 2004

OSCAR-nominated actor JOHNNY DEPP has dismissed the first 36 years of his life as meaningless up until the birth of his first child. The former Hollywood badboy, 41, has calmed down since meeting French...

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Silverstone Eyes Beyonce

13th June 2004

Sexy singer BEYONCE KNOWLES has caught the admiring eye of another celebrity - actress ALICIA SILVERSTONE. The CLUELESS star admits curvaceous CRAZY IN LOVE hitmaker Beyonce is her idea of the perfect woman....

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Dido's Rider Jokes Backfire

31st May 2004

Pop superstar DIDO is testing the patience of tour promoters as she treks across America - by dreaming up bizarre items for her backstage rider list. The THANK YOU singer adds to her dressing...

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Barbie Gets A Designer Makeover

27th May 2004

BARBIE is being given a makeover by America's top design names to mark a trendy relaunch for the famous doll. KATE SPADE, VERSACE and BADGLEY MISCHKA have all created designer Barbie's which will be...

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Brit Remodels His Face On Hollywood's Leading Men

23rd April 2004

A 32-year-old Brit has recreated himself thanks to the faces of Hollywood's leading men - and a little help from a real-life BARBIE. Miserable MILES KENDALL desperately wanted to change his "boring" and "reclusive"...

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