The voice actors who played Bambi and Thumper in the beloved 1942 Disney movie met for the first time on TV in America on Friday (04Mar11).
Peter Behn and Donnie Dunagan, who were kids when they recorded the iconic characters' voices, had never met until they were booked to appear on magazine show The View to promote the Bambi re-release.
Behn, who played Thumper, says, "I just don't think we were in the same place at the same time."
Dunagan, who was six when he gave voice to Disney's beloved deer, reveals animators even used his facial features to create Bambi.
He explains, "Mr. Disney was looking for a facial model to put a voice face on the deer and he had seen a couple of films that I was in and he called my mom... I couldn't wait to go.
"I sat on a stool in a semi-circle of men I called the drawing men... They had more pencils than anybody on the planet, and they'd say, 'Look left, look right...'"
Dunagan recalled not being to pull a face for one scene in which Bambi was kissed by another deer, called Faline, so one animator asked him to think of taking medicine.
He adds, "I thought of castor oil. Two weeks before, my mother had given me a dose of castor oil. There it is."