A fight between battling Baldwin brothers BILLY and DANIEL ended badly - when their mother accidentally had two teeth knocked out. Backdraft star Billy admits the hot-headed pair's arguments sometimes went too far when they were younger. He says, "We were going at it in the kitchen and my mother was making some food. My brother Daniel, he grabbed me by my hair and started slamming my head into the (oven) flame. "My mother got caught in the fracas and she caught one (thump), and her bridge and a couple of her teeth got knocked out. "She didn't really get hit with a punch; Daniel wouldn't let go of my hair and I was getting too close to the flames, so my mother bit his hand and bit him so hard it started to break his skin, so he pulled his hand away and her bridge went flying and a couple of her teeth got pulled out with it." Billy admits wildchild Daniel made sure his childhood was a painful one: "I had three concussions and a fractured skull by the time I was eight, just from Daniel."