It’s one thing going into hair and makeup for a TV or film role. The lighting is adjusted to bring out your best features (or worst, depending on the role) and everything is edited nicely.

The red carpet is a different story, and the stars have to go to great lengths to make themselves camera friendly, even in the rainy British weather. “Sienna wanted a subtle glow for the red carpet. A layer of StTropez Self Tan Sensitive Bronzing Spray, was applied the day before and left on for just six hours to deliver a natural and subtle glow," said Jules Heptonstall, celebrity tanning expert. Olivia Colman, who took home two trophies, making it her night went for'The Instant Glow.' He explained: “As Olivia had been filming her next project she needed a no commitment product to give her a quick glow in time for the red carpet. A layer of St.Tropez Instant Wash Off Glow Body, was applied just before the ceremony. As a finishing touch St.Tropez Gold Illuminator, was added to the décolleté.”

Made In Chelsea Star Millie Mackintosh was also the recipient of the specialist tan. “To give a gentle soft glow to Millie's skin one coat of St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist was applied all over the day before the awards. On the day a mix of St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser with a pump of St. Tropez Instant Wash Off Glow Mousse was applied to her legs to lift colour and add hydration."

Olivia ColmanColman struggling to grapple with her prizes