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Billy Bob Thornton Explains Bad Santa 2 Delay

25th November 2013

Actor Billy Bob Thornton has blamed script troubles for delaying the highly-anticipated sequel to his 2003 festive movie Bad Santa.The Monster's Ball star has signed up to reprise his role as a conman who masquerades...

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Lauren Graham Worried About Onslaught

28th October 2012

Bad Santa star Lauren Graham is secretly dreading the publication of her first novel next year (13) - because it means she will have to interact with her fans on actress admits she's not...

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Thornton Back For Another Bad Santa?

18th March 2011

Billy Bob Thornton is set to don the Santa suit again for a Bad Santa sequel.The movie star is in negotiations with Miramax/Weinstein film executives to reprise his boozy, foul-mouthed character Willie from the hit...

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Fascinating Fact 9502

17th June 2010

BAD SANTA star LAUREN GRAHAM has mixed feelings about the World Cup - she was among the people who clambered inside Striker, the official puppy mascot, during the 1994 soccer tournament in America.

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Graham's Equestrian Dreams

2nd March 2010

LAUREN GRAHAM had a back-up career planned if she failed at acting - the BAD SANTA star wanted to be a professional jockey.The 42 year old grew up riding horses in Virginia, and thought she...

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Fascinating Fact 8196

21st October 2009

BAD SANTA star LAUREN GRAHAM owns actress PORTIA DE ROSSI's former home.

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Bad Santa Inspires Quirky Christmas Rap Compilation

12th November 2008

BILLY BOB THORNTON's turn as BAD SANTA has inspired a new festive rap album. Jim Jones, Skull Gang and comedian Mike Epps have recorded tracks for new album A Tribute to Bad Santa. Epps claims...

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The Things They Say 9717

2nd October 2008

"I had a year where I got into a lot of fender benders. I skipped a grade and drove not entirely legally because my friends let me drive their cars." BAD SANTA star LAUREN GRAHAM...

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Ritter Ignored Medical Advice Three Years Before His Death

30th August 2007

The three doctors fighting charges they mishandled actor JOHN RITTER's medical treatment on the night he died have revealed the BAD SANTA star ignored advice to see a heart specialist. Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck has...

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Thornton: 'Grant Teased Me Over Disraeli's Hair'

3rd February 2007

BILLY BOB THORNTON found himself at the receiving end of taunts from British actor HUGH GRANT - after the BAD SANTA star revealed his phobia of nineteenth century British Prime Minister BENJAMIN DISRAELI's hairstyle. Thornton...

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Schwarzenegger Christmas Movie Flop

19th December 2006

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's Christmas movie JINGLE ALL THE WAY has been voted the worst seasonal film ever. The 1996 comedy sees Schwarzenegger attempting to secure a fantastic Christmas present for his son - but 3000 film...

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Thornton Best Film Santa

7th December 2006

BILLY BOB THORNTON's foul mouthed drunk in BAD SANTA has been voted the best-loved Father Christmas in a new poll. British movie magazine Hotdog's number one choice may surprise some - considering Billy Boy's character...

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Thornton's Walk Of Fame Star Shame

18th September 2006

BILLY BOB THORNTON was left red-faced when his girlfriend convinced him to pose for a family photo at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - because fans couldn't stop staring at him. The...

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Thornton Rebels Again

22nd August 2005

BILLY BOB THORNTON is preparing to break rules yet again, after signing up to play a dissatisfied former employee of US space agency NASA. Thornton, who recently played a foul-mouthed Father Christmas in BAD...

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Thornton Surprised By His Big Financial Break

30th November 2004

Hollywood star BILLY BOB THORNTON expected his iconic film SLING BLADE to attract a bit of critical acclaim, but he never believed he would make money out of it. The BAD SANTA actor,...

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Thornton Views Acting Role As 'Great Release'

1st November 2004

BILLY BOB THORNTON views acting as a "great release" after film roles enable him to carry out actions which would see him arrested in real life. The Hollywood actor, 49, reveled in playing a...

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Angelina's Special Note For Billy Bob

7th October 2004

ANGELINA JOLIE has congratulated her ex-husband BILLY BOB THORNTON on his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, by taking out a full-page advertisement in a trade publication. Thornton received a star on...

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Thornton's Kinky Party At Cannes

21st May 2004

Hollywood wildman BILLY BOB THORNTON has been enjoying himself at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL - where he's been partying with a bevy of bikini-clad beauties at a kinky club, reports a British newspaper. The...

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Thornton's Penis-creating Past

20th April 2004

Movie star BILLY BOB THORNTON used to make clay penises for plastic action figures, before finding fame in Hollywood. The 48-year-old BAD SANTA actor - former husband of ANGELINA JOLIE - has a proud...

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Billy Bob Was Rocking Too Hard For Globes Honour

21st December 2003

BILLY BOB THORNTON was fast asleep when he was told of his GOLDEN GLOBE because he had stayed up too late the night before - partying with ALICE COOPER. The actor was performing with...

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Billy Bob's Request To Urinate On Film

8th December 2003

Hollywood actor BILLY BOB THORNTON was so committed making his new movie BAD SANTA as authentic as possible, he offered to urinate on himself on camera. The 48-year-old MONSTER'S BALL star plays a sex-crazed,...

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Myers Stays On Top

1st December 2003

MIKE MYERS' family comedy DR SEUSS' THE CAT IN THE HAT continues its reign at the top of the American box office, narrowly beating off EDDIE MURPHY'S new movie. The film, which debuted at...

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Billy Bob Defends Bad Santa

27th November 2003

BILLY BOB THORNTON is annoyed at the controversy his new movie `BAD SANTA has stirred up in his native America, insisting critics would be more relaxed if it were a European film. The movie,...

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Billy Bob Takes Ritter's Widow To Premiere

20th November 2003

BILLY BOB THORNTON took a special guest to the premiere of his new movie BAD SANTA on Tuesday night (18NOV03) - pal JOHN RITTER's widow AMY YASBECK. The kind-hearted movie star invited Amy to...

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Thornton Film Shocks Disney

18th November 2003

Actor BILLY BOB THORNTON's new Christmas movie has infuriated DISNEY bosses - because it portrays SANTA CLAUS as a sex-crazed, foul-mouthed alcoholic. Bosses at the studio - famous for making kids movies - were...

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