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The Things They Say 1091

20th January 2006

"I danced a little bit in BAD NEWS BEARS. That's about it." TATUM O'NEAL discusses her dancing experience prior to appearing on DANCING WITH THE STARS on US television....

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Thornton Rebels Again

22nd August 2005

BILLY BOB THORNTON is preparing to break rules yet again, after signing up to play a dissatisfied former employee of US space agency NASA. Thornton, who recently played a foul-mouthed Father Christmas in BAD...

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Charlie Still Rules As Mcgregor And Thornton Flop

25th July 2005

EWAN McGREGOR's new futuristic action film THE ISLAND and BILLY BOB THORNTON's baseball comedy BAD NEWS BEARS failed to make a dent in the top three at the US box office this weekend (24JUL05)....

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