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Stephen Dorff Planning Music Career

27th February 2012

Backbeat star Stephen Dorff has plans to get musical again - he wants to write his own songs for a movie soundtrack.The actor, who portrayed Stuart Sutcliffe in the early Beatles biopic, is keen to...

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Dorff: 'Mum Would Have Liked Somewhere'

28th December 2010

STEPHEN DORFF is convinced his late mother is smiling down on his new movie SOMEWHERE - because she always wanted the BACKBEAT star to play a moody, vulnerable character on the big screen.Dorff's mother was...

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Hart Considers Hat Line

25th June 2009

BACKBEAT star IAN HART is considering bringing out his own line of hats - because he's always looking for the perfect trilby.The British actor, who played Professor Quirinus Quirrell in Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's...

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Hart: 'I Hated The Beatles'

21st June 2009

BACKBEAT star IAN HART kept a secret while shooting the acclaimed early BEATLES movie - he hated the Fab Four.The Liverpudlian actor, who portrayed John Lennon in the 1994 movie, admits he never liked the...

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Hart Hangs Out With Schizophrenics

12th January 2007

BACKBEAT star IAN HART has no problems playing a schizophrenic paparazzo in hit US TV series DIRT because schizophrenia runs in his family. The British actor has won critical acclaim for his portrayal of a...

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Fascinating Fact 2636

3rd January 2007

BACKBEAT star IAN HART is playing a paranoid schizophrenic paparazzo in COURTENEY COX's new drama series DIRT, in which the former FRIENDS star plays a ruthless tabloid editor....

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Kid Rock: 'I Love Pamela To Death'

19th July 2006

LATEST: Rap-rocker KID ROCK was stunned when he bumped into ex-fiancee PAMELA ANDERSON in France earlier this month (JUL06), because he realised he is still in love with the busty beauty. The former BAYWATCH star...

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Dorff Planning To Settle Down With Harding?

11th July 2006

Hollywood actor STEPHEN DORFF is planning to settle down in England after falling in love with GIRLS ALOUD singer SARAH HARDING. The British girl band beauty revealed she was smitten by BACKBEAT actor Dorff last...

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Dorff Dating British Pop Star

8th June 2006

Hollywood lothario STEPHEN DORFF is dating British girl band beauty SARAH HARDING. The BACKBEAT actor, who has been linked to PAMELA ANDERSON in the past, has so smitten the GIRLS ALOUD singer, she is considering...

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Abbey Road Opens Its Doors For Film Festival

14th January 2005

ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS, the former home of THE BEATLES, is to open its doors to the public for a film festival aimed at honouring the scores recorded there. The London landmark will stage showings...

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Stuart Sutcliffe's Sister: I Didn't Accuse Lennon

24th July 2003

LATEST: The sister of former BEATLE STUART SUTCLIFFE has rubbished claims she accused JOHN LENNON of causing the injuries that killed her brother. PAULINE SUTCLIFFE had been quoted as saying a fight between her...

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Is Lennon To Blame For Sutcliffe's Death?

16th July 2003

The sister of original BEATLES star STUART SUTCLIFFE has reignited claims a beating by JOHN LENNON caused his fatal brain haemorrhage. PAULINE SUTCLIFFE, the sister of the musician and artist who died in 1962,...

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'Fifth Beatle's' Belongings For Sale

14th July 2003

The personal possessions of so-called 'fifth BEATLE' STUART SUTCLIFFE are to auctioned off by his loving sister PAULINE. Sutcliffe, the subject of the 1993 film BACKBEAT, was a founding member of the QUARRYMEN, who...

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Stones Try To Block Jones Film

16th April 2003

LATEST: THE ROLLING STONES are trying to block a controversial new movie about the group's early days, which focuses on the suspected murder of founding member BRIAN JONES. The group fear the film might...

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