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The Simpsons: The Ride?

12th April 2007

NBC Universal's theme parks are planning to replace their Back to the Future attraction with one paying homage to The Simpsons, according to L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke. Finke, citing unnamed sources, said that Universal...

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Fox To Attend State Of The Union Address

17th January 2007

Hollywood star MICHAEL J FOX is taking his embryonic stem-cell research campaign straight to the top - he'll be attending US President GEORGE W BUSH's State of the Union address next week (begs22JAN07). The actor,...

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Hg Wells Film Tops Time-travel Poll

27th November 2006

MALCOLM MCDOWELL's turn as scientist/author HG WELLS in TIME AFTER TIME has helped the film top a new time-travelling movie poll. The 1979 movie, which also featured DAVID WARNER as murderer JACK THE RIPPER beat...

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Glover Will Never Marry

13th November 2006

BACK TO THE FUTURE star CRISPIN GLOVER will never marry, because it would interfere with his acting career. The 42-year-old actor, who played MARTY MCFLY's dad GEORGE in the 1980s sci-fi classic, deliberately goes out...

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Fox Thanks Politicians For Stem Cell Support

11th November 2006

Actor-turned-advocate MICHAEL J FOX is thanking political candidates who supported stem cell research initiatives in the US midterm elections on Tuesday (07NOV06). The BACK TO THE FUTURE star campaigned for candidates who supported research and...

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Fox Stunned By Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis

4th November 2006

BACK TO THE FUTURE star MICHAEL J FOX was so staggered when he was first diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at 29, he didn't really understand what his doctor was talking about. The actor knew something...

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Fox Shows Full Effects Of Parkinson's Disease On Tv

3rd November 2006

Movie star MICHAEL J FOX showed the full extent of how his Parkinson's Disease medication affects his speech and movement on US TV last night (02NOV06) when he sat for an hour-long interview with talk...

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Fox: 'Parkinson's Disease Is A Gift'

31st October 2006

Actor MICHAEL J FOX is grateful for his Parkinson's Disease, calling it "a gift." The BACK TO THE FUTURE star has accepted his shaking will only get worse unless a cure is discovered, but he...

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Politician Defends Fox Parkinson's Disease Shakes

27th October 2006

Missouri Democratic Senate candidate CLAIRE MCCASKILL has blasted Republican radio pundit RUSH LIMBAUGH for poking fun at MICHAEL J FOX's Parkinson's Disease shakes in her new campaign ad. The BACK TO THE FUTURE star agreed...

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Michael J Fox Attacks Limbaugh

27th October 2006

LATEST: MICHAEL J FOX went on the attack last night (26OCT06), attacking right-wing radio host RUSH LIMBAUGH's controversial comments that the actor used his Parkinson's Disease symptoms to make a political statement in a new...

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Limbaugh Blasts Parkinson's Sufferer Fox For 'Acting'

25th October 2006

Controversial US radio host RUSH LIMBAUGH has slammed actor MICHAEL J FOX for "acting" his way through a new campaign ad for his favourite politician The Parkinson's Disease sufferer is seen frantically shaking as...

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Stoltz Glad He Missed Out On Back To The Future

18th September 2006

PULP FICTION star ERIC STOLTZ insists he's happy he missed out on playing MARTY MCFLY in the BACK TO THE FUTURE films because he would have struggled to cope with the adulation MICHAEL J FOX...

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Britney Caught On Candid Camera

10th August 2006

A home video of a belching, twitching BRITNEY SPEARS looking far from her best and chatting to husband KEVIN FEDERLINE about time travel and her hectic life has been leaked onto cult website Donning...

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So, How Will Underwear Placement Be Placed?

9th August 2006

In what must seem to many like one of the oddest product-placement deals for an action film, the British underwear company Sunspel, which uses a coat of arms as its insignia, has announced that it...

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Fox Blasts Bush Stem Cell Veto

21st July 2006

Actor MICHAEL J FOX has slammed US President GEORGE W BUSH's decision to veto government funding of pioneering studies into stem cell research. On Wednesday (19JUL06), Bush used his power of veto for the first...

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Et Named Best Family Movie

23rd December 2005

STEVEN SPIELBERG's 1982 blockbuster ET: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL has been named the best family film of all time. Animated hit SHREK came second in the top 100 countdown to be concluded tonight (23DEC05) on British...

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Fox Heads Back To The Future

20th December 2005

MICHAEL J FOX is heading BACK TO THE FUTURE for a fourth time-travelling movie. The actor, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, admits he's in negotiations for a final film in the series - but...

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Actress Sperber Loses Her Cancer Fight

1st December 2005

Actress WENDIE JO SPERBER has lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 46. Sperber shot to fame on US TV opposite TOM HANKS in hit 1980s sitcom BOSOM BUDDIES and also...

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Huey Lewis To Hit Broadway

25th July 2005

Veteran singer HUEY LEWIS is soon to wow Broadway when he hits the stage as crooked lawyer BILLY FLYNN in the musical CHICAGO. The suave 55-year-old, who rocked the charts in the 1980s with...

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Martin Shocked By Old-fashioned Ghana

12th May 2005

COLDPLAY rocker CHRIS MARTIN found visiting rural Ghana on his MAKE TRADE FAIR campaign was like travelling back in time. The British singer amazed local Ghanaians with his video camera and mobile phone -...

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Michael + Elton Rock For Rainforests

23rd April 2004

MICHAEL J FOX and ELTON JOHN stole the show at Wednesday night's (21APR04) RAINFOREST BENEFIT concert in New York by taking to the stage for a heroic and quirky performance. Parkinsons Disease sufferer Fox...

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General Lee Tops Classic Cars List

12th March 2004

THE DUKES OF HAZZARD's GENERAL LEE has sped off with a new honour - as the best car ever to hit TV or movie screens. The classic car beat STEVE McQUEEN's 1968 FORD MUSTANG...

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Crispin Glover: The Silent Man

1st July 2003

Actor CRISPIN GLOVER takes full credit for making his character in the CHARLIE'S ANGELS movies so eerie - because he told the director to cut all dialogue. WILLARD actor Glover, who shot to fame...

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Spielberg To Go Back To The Future?

5th June 2003

Hollywood heavyweight STEVEN SPIELBERG has reportedly expressed an interest in reviving the beloved BACK TO THE FUTURE franchise. The MINORITY REPORT director has held tentative talks with studio UNIVERSAL about making a fourth film...

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Red Hot Chili Pepper Voices Cartoon

22nd May 2003

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS bassist FLEA is swapping his adult audience for a younger one - after signing to feature in the forthcoming RUGRATS movie. Flea - who has previously appeared on the big...

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