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The Libertines Explain Bond

13th July 2014

The Libertines cemented their reformation over 'Columbo' and golf.The 'Don't Look Back into the Sun' hitmakers - Pete Doherty, Carl Barat, John Hassall and Gary Powell - enjoyed a break in Pete's current home city...

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Pete Doherty's Over-running Gig Cut Short

11th March 2014

British rocker Pete Doherty was cut off by bosses at a top London venue on Monday night (10Mar14) when his Babyshambles gig over-ran.The band's one-off show at the Roundhouse in Camden ran past its 11pm...

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Babyshambles Cancel Gig Due To Illness

22nd December 2013

Pete Doherty's rock band Babyshambles was forced to cancel a gig in England on Friday (20Dec13) due to illness.The British group was due to hit the stage at Middlesbrough's TFM Soundworks but pulled out hours...

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Boy George's Nasal Hit

14th September 2013

Boy George thinks he sounds like he has ''a peg on his nose'' on 'Karma Chameleon'.The former Culture Club singer isn't a fan of the studio recording of his band's 1983 hit because of the...

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Pete Doherty Started A Band To Get Girls

12th September 2013

Pete Doherty only ever started a band to ''pull birds''.The Babyshambles musician is now in a committed relationship with a girl called Katya, which led him to almost pull out of the band's current tour...

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Pete Doherty In Tour Quit Threat

11th September 2013

British rocker Pete Doherty has cast doubt over his comeback tour because he can't bear to split his earnings with his Babyshambles bandmates.The former Libertines frontman has not hit the road with his group for...

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Pete Doherty Opens Memorabilia Shop In London

14th August 2013

British rocker Pete Doherty has set up a shop in London to sell off his personal items and memorabilia from his bands Babyshambles and The Libertines.The singer is working as a sales assistant in the...

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Pete Doherty: I Live 'Straight'

4th August 2013

Pete Doherty insists he lives a ''straight life''.The Babyshambles singer has long struggled with drug addiction, but is adamant his continued use of heroin doesn't affect his day-to-day life, as well as his duties with...

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Pete Doherty: Babyshambles 'Energised' Me

24th July 2013

Pete Doherty felt ''energised'' by the new Babyshambles album.The 33-year-old frontman - who has had a well documented battle with substance abuse - admits his band's upcoming collection 'Sequel To The Prequel' has encouraged him...

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Babyshambles Scrap Australian Tour

22nd July 2013

Pete Doherty's rock act Babyshambles have been forced to scrap an upcoming Australian tour at the advice of their immigration lawyers.The band will perform at New South Wales' Splendour in the Grass festival this weekend...

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A Week In Music, Justin Timberlake's 'Rude' Video, Dinosaur Pile-up's Promising Second Album And Babyshambles Make A 'Sequel'

By Holly Williams | 8th July 2013

A week in music videos... It may have received bad press recently what with the video being banned from YouTube for its nude content and such, but Justin Timberlake's new song 'Tunnel Vision' is a...

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Yep, You Heard Us Right: Babyshambles Announce New UK Tour

By Contributor | 29th April 2013

It’s been six years since a Babyshambles album and a good couple since they headed around the UK on tour. Have we missed them? No, not really, even despite Pete Doherty’s middling solo efforts. In...

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Pete Doherty Kicked Out Of Rehab For 'Disruptive' Behaviour

18th July 2012

Pete Doherty - the former frontman of The Libertines and Babyshambles - has been chucked out of rehab. A report from the Daily Mail reveals that the notoriously troublesome rocker has been asked to leave...

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Pete Doherty Anxious About Performing

28th May 2012

Pete Doherty gets ''enormous anxiety'' before appearing on stage. The former Libertines singer suffers from crippling stage fright, which he says affects his abilities to perform, but also admits his current band, Babyshambles, have a...

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Kate Moss Set Pete Doherty's Bear On Fire

24th May 2012

Kate Moss set Pete Doherty's beloved teddy bear on fire when they split up.The British supermodel - who dated the rocker on-and-off between 2005 and 2007 - left the Babyshambles singer devastated when she destroyed...

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Pete Doherty's Film Debut: Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Pete

22nd May 2012

Pete Doherty 's film debut has gone down like a lead balloon at the Cannes Film Festival, it would appear. Reuters reports that the Libertines singer's performance in 'Confession of a Child of the Century'...

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Kate Moss Drunk Dials Pete Doherty

22nd May 2012

Pete Doherty claims his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss still drunk dials him - five years after they spilt.The Libertines frontman says the ''happily married'' supermodel sometimes leaves him voicemail messages when she is intoxicated even though...

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Fascinating Fact 12803

7th February 2012

British rocker Pete Doherty reunited with his former Babyshambles bandmate Gemma Clarke onstage in London on Sunday night (05Feb12). He was joined by Clarke, who quit the band in 2005, during the encore at his...

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Pete Doherty Desperate For Band Reunion

25th January 2012

British rocker Pete Doherty is desperately trying to reunite his band Babyshambles after they announced they would tour without him.Bassist Drew MCConnell and guitarist Mik Whitnall announced earlier this month (Jan12) they were lining up...

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Babyshambles To Tour Without Doherty

11th January 2012

British rockers Babyshambles are heading out on tour - without troubled frontman Pete Doherty.Bassist Drew MCConnell and guitarist Mik Whitnall have announced two concerts in the U.K. with another eight or nine in the pipeline,...

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Winehouse Ghost Haunting Pete Doherty's London Home

15th November 2011

The ghost of Amy Winehouse is haunting the London home of rocker Pete Doherty, leading the former Libertines man to flee to Paris. The 32-year-old has told friends he can no longer live in the...

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Pete Doherty Haunted By Amy Winehouse

15th November 2011

Pete Doherty believes he is being haunted by Amy Winehouse.The 32-year-old singer was close pals with the 'Rehab' hitmaker before her death from alcohol poisoning in July, and he has become so concerned her ghost...

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Pete Doherty Campaigning For 'Radical' Green Laws

19th September 2011

Babyshambles star Pete Doherty is wading into politics by campaigning for change to environmental law.The rocker has called for U.K. officials to introduce "radical" legislation and tougher punishments to protect the planet. He even appeared...

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Babyshambles Star Injured In Car Crash

10th July 2011

Babyshambles rocker Drew Mcconnell has been hospitalised following a car accident.The bassist is reportedly in a lot of pain, but showing "good spirits", according to manager Adrian Hunter. MCConnell broke his ribs and injured his...

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Pete Doherty Released From Jail

6th July 2011

Pete Doherty has been released from prison.The troubled Babyshambles rocker was sentenced to six months jail on May 20 for possession of cocaine, and though he was not expected to serve his full sentence, his...

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Pete Doherty Says Carl Doesn't Trust Him

14th May 2011

Pete Doherty claims his Libertines bandmate Carl Barat doesn't trust him anymore. The future of the 'Time for Heroes' band - who came together for a handful of reunion shows last year - looks bleak...

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The Libertines Have 'No Future'

11th May 2011

Carl Barat says there is "no future" for The Libertines. The 'What a Waster' group ignited fans hopes of a full scale reunion after they played two festival shows at Reading and Leeds in the...

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Kate Moss Invited To Sing With Kanye West

15th March 2011

Kanye West has invited Kate Moss to perform with him at the South by South West (SXSW) festival.The 33-year-old rapper will perform at the music event in Austin, Texas, later this week and is said...

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Kate Moss Can't See Kills At Coachella

31st January 2011

Kate Moss has been banned from attending the Coachella Music and Arts Festival by Jamie Hince.The Kills musician - who is currently touring America with his bandmate and ex-girlfriend Alison Mosshart - wants his supermodel...

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Pete Doherty Planning To Ask Carl To Help Write Tracks

1st December 2010

Pete Doherty may ask his former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat to help him finish writing new songs. The 'Last Of the English Roses' singer admitted he is having trouble finishing tracks for his latest album...

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