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Guns N'roses Return To New York

17th April 2006

GUNS N' ROSES frontman AXL ROSE is keeping his word to US fans of the reclusive group after announcing a New York show to preview new material. The rockers haven't performed for fans in America...

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Guns N' Roses Stars Kiss And Make Up

17th April 2006

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer MATT SORUM has ended his rift with AXL ROSE, ten years after he quit the band. The pair are friends again after meeting at a New York party. Sorum -...

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Fascinating Fact 1286

28th March 2006

Late THE CLASH rocker JOE STRUMMER contributed guitar for JANKY HOLOCAUST, a track recorded for the long-awaited GUNS N' ROSES album CHINESE DEMOCRACY, two weeks before his death. Frontman AXL ROSE has since ditched the...

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Weiland Hits Back At Rose

13th March 2006

LATEST: VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND has unleashed a torrent of abuse on AXL ROSE, accusing the GUNS N' ROSES singer of trying to break up the supergroup. Rose recently claimed his former bandmate...

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Axl Sues Slash

8th March 2006

GUNS N' ROSES frontman AXL ROSE has filed a lawsuit against his former bandmate SLASH, seeking a federal judge's confirmation of the singer's ownership of his "own creative works". Rose's filing comes in response to...

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Guns N' Roses Album Leaked Online

7th March 2006

Tracks from the long-awaited new GUNS N' ROSES album CHINESE DEMOCRACY have been leaked onto the internet, months ahead of its official release date. Four songs from the disc, which frontman AXL ROSE has been...

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Bon Jovi Jealous Of Rose Attention

1st March 2006

JON BON JOVI is disgusted rock rival AXL ROSE receives more media attention than he does, because the reclusive GUNS N' ROSES frontman "hasn't made a record in 13 years". New Jersey rockers BON JOVI...

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New Guns N' Roses Songs Leaked Online

22nd February 2006

Songs set to feature on the highly anticipated new GUNS N' ROSES album CHINESE DEMOCRACY have been leaked online. Frontman AXL ROSE has been working on the project for more than a decade since...

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Guns 'N' Roses' New Album Out Next Month

12th February 2006

LATEST: Legendary rockers GUNS 'N' ROSES will release their first album in 13 years next month (MAR06) when the long awaited CHINESE DEMOCRACY finally hits store shelves. The LP has been more than a...

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Rose Hails Reeves

31st January 2006

GUNS N' ROSES frontman AXL ROSE is thrilled KEANU REEVES has been cast as the lead in the big screen adaptation of his favourite book, because a less talented actor would have killed his enthusiasm...

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Axl Rose Promises Guns Return In 2006

18th January 2006

GUNS N' ROSES frontman AXL ROSE is promising fans the rock group will be back in 2006 with the delayed CHINESE DEMOCRACY album. The NOVEMBER RAIN singer also admits he's considering festival appearances this...

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Korn Stage Halloween Party To Launch Us Tour

17th January 2006

Heavy rockers KORN celebrated Halloween early this year (06) by staging a launch party for their upcoming US tour at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Reclusive GUNS N' ROSES star AXL ROSE...

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Axl Rose Sues Car Dealership

13th January 2006

GUNS N' ROSES rocker AXL ROSE is suing a Los Angeles car dealership after two top-of-the-range sports cars failed to arrive at his home. The 43-year-old SWEET CHILD O' MINE singer sold his plush...

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Axl Rose Leads Celebrities On Coolest Old Person List

28th October 2005

GUNS N' ROSES star AXL ROSE has been named as the top celebrity in a quirky new teen poll to find the Coolest Old Person. The 43-year-old SWEET CHILD O' MINE singer came in...

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Storms Wash Out Inxs Performance

18th October 2005

INXS lost out on an opportunity to show off their new frontman JD FORTUNE to fans in Hollywood last night (17OCT05), when rain washed out their rooftop show. The rockers were set to perform...

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Revolver Stars Sue Axl Over Guns N' Roses Cash

23rd August 2005

VELVET REVOLVER stars SLASH and DUFF McKAGAN have reignited their legal feud with former GUNS N' ROSES bandmate AXL ROSE in a spat over publishing royalties. The duo claim Rose sold the rights to...

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Cornell Remembers 'Comic Book' Tour With Axl Rose

28th June 2005

Rocker CHRIS CORNELL felt he was living out a comic book story when he toured with GUNS N' ROSES in 1992 because AXL ROSE was so bizarre. The AUDIOSLAVE star was the frontman for...

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Anna Shows Off Her Singing Skills To Enrique's Voice Coach

15th April 2005

Tennis ace-turned-model ANNA KOURNIKOVA was left red-faced on national TV in America this morning (15APR05) when her boyfriend ENRIQUE IGLESIAS' voice coach gave her singing lessons. The sports star was forced to show off...

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Celebrity Voice Coach Unveils Secrets

24th February 2005

The voice coaches who helped USHER, BJORK, SHANIA TWAIN and KYLIE MINOGUE develop their vocal chords have opened up their secrets to the public with the release of a new DVD/CD package. The ULTIMATE...

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Guns To Finally Release Album

8th February 2005

GUNS N' ROSES bassist TOMMY STINSON has stunned fans by promising the long-delayed follow-up album to 1993's SPAGHETTI INCIDENT will finally be released this year (05) to proceed a European tour. The NOVEMBER RAIN...

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Axl Infuriates G N' R Bandmates With Publishing Deal

2nd February 2005

Rocker AXL ROSE has infuriated his former GUNS N' ROSES bandmates by signing a multi-million dollar publishing deal with SANCTUARY GROUP. The reclusive singer's deal includes the band's back catalogue - including their hits...

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Slash's 'Cool' Outlook On Success

14th January 2005

Guitarist SLASH credits his humble approach to GUNS N' ROSES' phenomenal success with maintaining his "cool" image. The wildman musician refused to let his former group's adoring fans turn him into the egotistical star...

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Sorum Quit Gn'r Over Axl Arrogance

23rd November 2004

Drummer MATT SORUM was fired from rock group GUNS N' ROSES when he objected to AXL ROSE's declaration that he was the only vital member of the band. Sorum, now playing in supergroup VELVET...

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Slash: 'I Was Suicidal When I Left Gnr'

19th November 2004

Legendary guitarist SLASH considered suicide after watching AXL ROSE record his vocals at the final GUNS N' ROSES recording session. The band recorded a cover of the ROLLING STONES' SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL in...

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Axl Rose Plays Dj On Grand Theft Auto Videogame

27th October 2004

Reclusive rocker AXL ROSE features as DJ TOMMY 'THE NIGHTMARE' SMITH on one of eight in-game radio stations players can listen to on new GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS videogame. PUBLIC ENEMY founder...

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Keating: Boyzone Should Follow Slash's Example

19th September 2004

Irish singer RONAN KEATING has encouraged his former BOYZONE bandmates to take inspiration from rock star SLASH - and reform the group without its original frontman. The LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER singer, 27,...

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Guns N' Roses Closer Than Ever With Chinese Democracy

7th September 2004

GUNS N' ROSES bassist TOMMY STINSON is convinced AXL ROSE is close to completing the group's long-awaited new album THE CHINESE DEMOCRACY, because he has been told to get ready for an extensive tour....

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Williams Influenced By Axl Rose

5th September 2004

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is influenced by former QUEEN singer FREDDIE MERCURY and rocker AXL ROSE when it comes to his stage persona. The ANGELS singer, 30, says his flamboyant act is a composite of...

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Slash Lays Guns N' Roses To Rest

26th August 2004

Former GUNS N' ROSES rocker SLASH is delighted fans now recognise him as a member of VELVET REVOLVER - instead of the guitarist from GUNS N' ROSES. The 39-year-old guitarist quit world famous...

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Slash Quit Guns N' Roses To Move Forward

18th August 2004

Legendary guitarist SLASH had to quit GUNS N' ROSES to prevent himself from falling into the "same rut" he says AXL ROSE is trapped in. The PARADISE CITY axeman was looking for fresh...

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