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Give me a break. Typical media hype without any research. Are you seriously just too lazy to do your job? A Cirrus SR-22 is a single engine PROPELLER DRIVEN aircraft. It is NOT a jet. It is NOT capable of flying 300 MPH. It has a Never Exceed speed of 230 MPH, which is the speed at which structural damage might occur. That means it is NOT a speed at which you will fly. Cruise speed is about 210 MPH...which is about 70 - 80 MPH faster than the "slow trainer" in which she had logged 80 hours. Is it faster? Yes. Is it a missle? Hardly. Is this article media hype written by a moron? Absolutely. The next time you write an article about something you have no knowledge regarding (which undoubtedly will be the next time you write), try doing a little research. Five minutes on Google or Wikipedia and you would have almost sounded intelligent.
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8 years 2 months ago
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