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10th October 2014

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a distant relative of Hollywood icon Ava Gardner. The late acting legend was a second cousin of The Thing star's paternal grandfather.

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Mickey Rooney Has Died

7th April 2014

Mickey Rooney has died.The veteran actor - who began his career when he was just 18 months old - passed away yesterday (06.04.14) aged 93 from natural causes following a lengthy period of ill health,...

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Top Photographer Names Angelina Jolie As Lone Modern Beauty Icon

14th October 2013

Angelina Jolie is the only modern beauty who could compete with silver screen legends Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner, according to celebrity photographer Terry O'neill.The Brit has captured the world's most iconic beauties during his...

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Frank Sinatra's Widow: Mia Farrow's Paternity Claims Are "Phony"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 4th October 2013

Mia Farrow stated her son Ronan Farrow could "possibly" have been fathered by Frank Sinatra. Farrow, who was married to Sinatra from 1966-68, was in a relationship was in a relationship with Woody Allen at...

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Jennifer Lopez: My Style Is A Mix Of Jackie O And Madonna

5th July 2013

Jennifer Lopez's style is a mixture of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Madonna and Ava Gardner.The 43-year-old singer - who has her own fashion range for Kohl's - revealed she takes inspiration from the three very different...

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Ava Gardner's Tell-all Memoirs Reveal Sex, Lies And Heartache

17th June 2013

Legendary screen siren Ava Gardner has told all from beyond the grave in a explosive new autobiography detailing the sex, lies and booze which caused her so much heartache.The Hollywood beauty recruited British journalist Peter...

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Kim Kardashian's Classic Wedding Hair

26th August 2011

Kim Kardashian's wedding hair was styled on Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor.The reality TV star's hair stylist Peter Savic wanted to prepare her to look like a glamorous movie star of yesteryear for her big...

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Barbara Sinatra Says Frank Was 'Jekyll And Hyde'

31st May 2011

BARBARA SINATRA, the widow of legendary crooner FRANK SINTRA, describes her late husband as being a "Jeykll and Hyde' personality in her new memoir 'Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank', reports USA Today. BARBARA...

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50'S Star Farley Granger Dead At 85

29th March 2011

Farley Granger, the handsome leading man who had a meteoric career in Hollywood in the late '40s and early '50s but became disillusioned with the studio system and ultimately found success performing in live television...

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The Things They Say 20452

21st February 2011

"She used to do headstands in the hotel lobby with a glass of champagne in her hand. No reason, she just could." British actress PATSY KENSIT reveals AVA GARDNER's quirky habit. The pair worked together...

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Bachelor Star Lands Ava Gardner Role

18th February 2011

A star of America's TV dating show THE BACHELOR is set to make her acting debut - as legendary screen beauty AVA GARDNER.Gia Allemand auditioned for the role of Frank Sinatra's one-time wife shortly after...

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Joan Collins Blasts Surgery

12th October 2010

Joan Collins thinks women who have cosmetic surgery look "ghastly".The former 'Dynasty' actress doesn't see the appeal of going under the surgeon's knife and finds it "terrifying" people will go to so many lengths in...

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Sinatra's Alleged Suicide Attempt Detailed In New Book

15th November 2008

FRANK SINATRA attempted suicide twice over his tumultuous love affair with screen siren AVA GARDNER, according to a new tell-all book about the legendary star. Sinatra, then 35, married 29-year-old Gardner in 1951, making her...

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Gardner And Sinatra Thief Sentenced

5th October 2006

A woman has been sentenced to 30 months for stealing prized heirlooms and original FRANK SINATRA recordings from the estate of late Hollywood star AVA GARDNER. Prosecutors say RENEE SYKES took more than $1...

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Eighth Wife Awarded Half Of Shaw's Estate

25th July 2006

The ex-wife of late jazz musician ARTIE SHAW has been awarded $1.5 million (GBP768,000) by a jury in California - half of the STAR DUST hitmaker's estate. EVELYN KEYNES, who featured in the legendary 1939...

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Biography Exposes Sinatra Suicide Attempt

9th July 2006

FRANK SINATRA once attempted suicide when his wife AVA GARDNER left him, according to an explosive new expose. Biographer LEE SERVER claims the late crooner's tempestuous romance with the movie legend was doomed from the...

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Conrad To Tell All In New Book

7th June 2006

Veteran British actor JESS CONRAD promises to expose details of his romances with BRIGITTE BARDOT, DIANA DORS and AVA GARDNER in his autobiography. The 70-year-old enjoyed success in the UK in the 1960s as a...

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Ava Gardner Honoured With Post Office

23rd March 2006

Late movie icon AVA GARDNER has been honoured with her own post office in the county where she grew up. Smithfield Post Office in Johnston County, North Carolina was renamed the Ava Gardner Post Office...

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Fascinating Fact 917

31st January 2006

Actress CARMEN ELECTRA has signed on as the new face of Max Factor cosmetics, joining former screen legends such as AVA GARDNER and RITA HAYWORTH....

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Beckinsale Blames Boob Job Rumours On Aviator

24th January 2006

KATE BECKINSALE regrets gaining weight for her role in THE AVIATOR, because her suddenly voluptuous frame fuelled rumours she has undergone breast enlargement surgery. The 32-year-old star, who played buxom US actress AVA GARDNER...

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Writer Fox Dies

9th January 2006

Poet, author and playwright OFELIA FOX, who rose to fame as the first lady of Tinseltown's famous Havana Tropicana nightclub, has died aged 82. The writer died on Monday (09JAN06) of cancer and complications...

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Authors Claim Ava Gardner Aborted Sinatra's Baby

31st May 2005

Movie siren AVA GARDNER underwent two abortions in the space of three months, according to FRANK SINATRA biographers ANTHONY SUMMERS and ROBBYN SWAN - and only one of the babies was her husband Sinatra's....

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Bacall Unimpressed By Beckinsale's Avaitor Performance

6th February 2005

KATE BECKINSALE failed to capture AVA GARDNER's "ravishing" quality in THE AVIATOR, according to Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL. The 80-year-old Bacall was more convinced by CATE BLANCHETT's performance of her close friend KATHARINE HEPBURN...

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Jazz Man Artie Shaw Dies

31st December 2004

Celebrated jazz clarinetist ARTIE SHAW has died in California, aged 94. The musician, who was married to stunners AVA GARDNER and LANA TURNER, is famous for his renditions of standards like BEGIN THE BEGUINE...

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Penn's Crush On Gardner

21st December 2004

OSCAR winner SEAN PENN has confessed his secret Hollywood crush - late screen siren AVA GARDNER. The MYSTIC RIVER actor admits he's entranced by the actress, who died in 1990 aged 77. He...

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Beckinsale Envies Gardner

17th December 2004

KATE BECKINSALE envies movie legend AVA GARDNER, who she plays in new film THE AVIATOR - because the screen siren escaped the media scrutiny of today's stars. Beckinsale researched GARDEN OF LIES beauty Gardner's...

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Beckinsale Felt 'Fat' As Gardner

16th December 2004

British actress KATE BECKINSALE had a horrible experience playing screen legend AVA GARDNER in the new movie THE AVIATOR - she felt like a "fat older woman". Beckinsale has a supporting role in the...

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Beckinsale Thought Leo Was Mad

7th December 2004

British actress KATE BECKINSALE didn't know what to make of movie star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO when she first met him on the set of HOWARD HUGHES biopic THE AVIATOR because he was playing a mad man...

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Joan Collins: 'Glamour Is Dead'

4th November 2004

British actress JOAN COLLINS is disappointed with the current crop of young actresses, claiming they lack the style of old Hollywood icons such as KATHARINE HEPBURN. The former DYNASTY diva is appalled by the...

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