Australian actress Gina Riley is urging women to undergo regular medical screenings after a check-up last year (12) caught her breast cancer early.

The Kath & Kim star was diagnosed with the disease before Christmas (25Dec12) after doctors discovered a lump. The growth has since been removed, and Riley is expected to make a full recovery because the cancer was detected early.

The 51-year-old actress is currently taking a break from her busy schedule as she undergoes treatment at Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital, according to the Australian Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Riley says, "During my regular yearly breast check, a cancer in my breast was discovered. I know whenever I read of other women finding breast cancer I want to know, how it was found and were there any warning signs?

"So here it is. For me there was no lump that could be felt by either me or my doctor. It was only that I went to my regular mammogram and ultrasound appointment that it was found.

"The cancer has been found early and is treatable and for that I feel lucky and grateful. I am being looked after by an amazing medical team. I encourage woman to have regular breast checks, as the earlier it is found the better the outcome.

"So ladies, get your breasts checked out. Preferably by a health professional.''