The families of some of the victims of the Colorado movie theater massacre have expressed their disgust at the theater’s owners, Cinemark, inviting them to the theatre’s official re-opening. A number of the families who received the letters, have united to convey their distress, branding Cinemark’s actions as “offensive” and “disgusting.”

The family members received a letter just a few days after Christmas Day, inviting them to attend “a special evening of remembrance,” followed by a film screening, when the theater re-opens. In the letter to Cinemark, the families said “During the holiday we didn’t think anyone or anything could make our grief worse but you, Cinemark, have managed to do just that by sending us an invitation two days after Christmas inviting us to attend the re-opening of your theater in Aurora where our loved ones were massacred.” Tom Teves, who lost his son Alex in the July 20 shooting, told ABC “It’s been a horrible holiday season, and this letter came on my birthday, Dec. 27, which made it even worse.”

According to ABC, several lawsuits have already been filed against Cinemark as a result of the tragedy. Families of the victims are blaming the company for not having adequate security at the theater.