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Grammy Wins Cure Coyne's Stomach Ache

14th February 2007

THE FLAMING LIPS star WAYNE COYNE was so overcome with emotion after learning of his group's two Grammy Award wins on Sunday (11FEB07) he threw up. Coyne and his bandmates were unable to attend the...

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Rascal Flatts Take Their Gang To Number One

12th April 2006

RASCAL FLATTS have joined the country superstars after charging to the top of the US album charts with one of the biggest hits of 2006 so far. The trio's ME + MY GANG album sold...

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Coyne: 'Forget Bible And Get Real'

3rd April 2006

THE FLAMING LIPS singer WAYNE COYNE has slammed religious conservatives who turn to the "stupid Bible" for inspiration - insisting real life experience is far more meaningful. The band's new album AT WAR WITH THE...

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Lips Album Leaked Online

20th February 2006

US rockers THE FLAMING LIPS are furious their new album has been leaked on the internet - six weeks before it hits the shops. The long-awaited AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS, which blasts pop...

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Flaming Lips Bash Pop Elite

16th February 2006

Experimental rockers THE FLAMING LIPS blast pop acts including DESTINY'S CHILD and THE BLACK EYED PEAS on their latest album AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS. Frontman WAYNE COYNE tells that in addition to...

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Flaming Lips Bash Bush At Brits

16th February 2006

THE FLAMING LIPS frontman WAYNE COYNE hit out at US President GEORGE W BUSH at the Brit Awards yesterday (15FEB06), labelling the leader "an idiot". The Oklahoma trio have used Bush as the inspiration...

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Flaming Lips Influenced By Black Sabbath

2nd February 2006

FLAMING LIPS frontman WAYNE COYNE attributes his band's new "scary"rock band image to OZZY OSBOURNE's BLACK SABBATH. The rocker explains how Osbourne's band influenced Flaming Lips' forthcoming album AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS, which...

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Coyne Explains The Method Behind The Flaming Lips

18th November 2005

THE FLAMING LIPS frontman WAYNE COYNE has explained the secret behind the band's critically acclaimed albums - he just hopes for the best. The DO YOU REALIZE?? rockers, who expect to release new disc...

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