Ashley Bell - Ashley Bell Suffered Stress Fracture From The Last Exorcism Part Ii Stunts

Actress Ashley Bell is nursing a stress fracture in her vertebrae as a result of performing her own stunts in upcoming horror film The Last Exorcism Part Ii.

The 26 year old plays a young girl possessed by a powerful demon in the movie, and she had to contort her body into a number of awkward and uncomfortable positions during the shoot to give viewers the idea she was being controlled by a dark spirit.

And Bell, who also writhes around on a bed while a religious leader tries to cure her, admits it all really took a toll on her back.

She tells news website, "I was thrilled to be able to do it, but there was a physical therapist on set in between takes that would have to pop my shoulder blades out. It was handled very carefully and the bed was heated so I could hyperextend and everything like that. I actually have a stress fracture to prove it...

"I went to a doctor afterwards and he said, 'Have you been doing any gymnastics or any hyper extending or back bends? You have a stress fracture in your lower vertebrate.' I said, 'Well, one thing comes to mind!' It's an occupational hazard of being possessed by the devil."


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