Neon Jungle's Asami Zdrenka is ''over'' Harry Styles.

The 'Trouble' singer reportedly struck up a flirty friendship with the One Direction heartthrob earlier this year but she isn't holding her breath for a romance.

She said: ''I'm sort of over it now. He knows I'm a fan, so the ball's in his court.

''He's lovely but I'm not going to chase him. When I see him, I smile but I wait for him to come to me.''

Asami, 18, has bumped into Harry several times since their first flirty encounter at the BRIT Awards in February, but the singer nearly caused injury to the curly-haired lothario recently when she sent him flying.

She recalled: ''Whenever he walks past he always pushes me, so the last time I saw him, I did it back. I almost tripped him up!''

Meanwhile, Asami's band mates, Amira McCarthy, Shereen Cutkelvin and Jess Plummer, think Harry, 20, is more keen on the blue-haired beauty than he lets on.

Amira said: ''He goes out of his way to find her.''

Should they ever get together, Harry may be wise to heed Asami's warning that her band isn't ''cool''.

She explained to Now magazine: ''We just sit in our van farting, eating, burping and dribbling.''