The show must go on! Broadway babies trill, but with New York plunged into darkness, murky water and sporadic explosions, due to Hurricane Sandy, 'the show' had to wait. A reported $5 million in lost revenue later, and Broadway is back, baby.

7 of the 29 shows running on Broadway reopened Wednesday (October 31 2012), despite continued power, transportation and community outages across New York City and the surrounding area. The remaining two - Mary Poppins and The Lion King - are due to return today (November 1 2012). Broadway League's executive director, Charlotte St. Martin, trying to make the best out of a bad situation, said, "For those theater-goers who are staying in hotels and can't get home, it's a great time to see a show," on a statement on their website. 

Maria Somma, union spokeswoman for Actors' Equity, said that an "act of God" clause in the Broadway actors' contract says that cast members won't be paid for performances cancelled for reasons beyond the producers' control. But after Hurricane Irene, she said, "we asked producers to pay our actors, and other unions did the same. All the shows with the exception of 'Rock of Ages' did step up and pay everybody, which was really quite wonderful of them," The L.A Times reports. Sandy is now said to be weakening, and is ambling towards the West. The worst is over, and now comes the clean up.