Telling a unique and modern day story of DC Comics superhero, Green Arrow, The CW series 'Arrow' has for five seasons done incredibly well with audiences, despite going through both great highs and massive lows. Spawning a series of other shows to make up what's now called the 'Arrowverse', the series paved the way for many to follow. 

Wendy Mericle continues to serve as executive producer on 'Arrow'Wendy Mericle continues to serve as executive producer on 'Arrow'

Now, with a sixth season in the pipeline, 'Arrow' will be going through some of its biggest changes so far, with showrunners (mostly) doing away with flashbacks and bringing a new dynamic to the small screen.

At the end of season 5, viewers saw the island of Lian Yu explode whilst a big number of Team Arrow members were still on there. We now know that a flashback in the season 6 premiere will take us back to the moments before the blast, so we can be shown exactly what everybody was doing in the lead-up to the explosion, with nobody's life guaranteed to remain intact, other than Oliver who watched on from safety.

Because of all the upcoming changes, rumours suggest that some sort of reboot could be in place for the show.

Asked by EW if we should expect that when 'Arrow' makes its return, executive producer Wendy Mericle explained in a chat with EW: "Reboot is one of those words. It’s so funny. I think in some ways yes, I do, but I also think that word can get misconstrued very easily. This show is evolving and it’s exciting because it is a new dynamic this season without the flashbacks. I know I keep saying we have more real estate, but we’ve been in the writers’ room for three weeks and it’s been amazing how different the show feels. There’s just a lot more freedom. It’s actually very exciting because we can take this show to different places now and to different directions. I’ll repeat it, but it really is exciting to have the time and the space to talk about these other characters. We were always sort of pressed, and moved stories so quickly. We’re still moving stories that same way, we just have a little more space to explore other points of view and other characters. It’s fun."

Hearing just how passionate Mericle is when it comes to the new material we should expect from 'Arrow' should put those of us at ease who may be worried that the show would bury itself upon its return, with unnecessary flashbacks thrown in just so the show could stick to tradition.

Instead, we'll be getting something new and refreshing. Exactly what many think 'Arrow' needed if it were to continue to succeed.

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'Arrow' season 6 premieres on The CW in the US on Thursday, October 12 and is expected to return shortly after to Sky1 in the UK.